26 December 2011

Season's Greetings!!

From our family to yours.....

Merry Christmas and a very, very happy New Year!

06 December 2011

What is the discriminating Blue giving for Christmas???

The 2012 BPS Club Calendar of course!!

"Thanks for the calendar Zoë!!!"

Available now at the BPS Club of Canada website or the Brighthope Blog and just in time for Christmas.  Order yours now!!

23 November 2011

2012 Calendars are (almost) here!!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long delay in posts, but Kypros and I have been super busy moving and trying to organize our lives.  So far, we are very pleased with our choice to leave the city behind.

For those waiting to hear - the 2012 BPS calendars have been printed and look phenomenal!!  We're just finalizing the ordering information page on the BPS Club of Canada site and then it'll be ready to roll.  All will be ready in plenty of time for holiday gift giving, so no worries there.  I think everyone will be very pleased with their photos!!

A billion thanks to everyone who contributed a photo or two - your efforts are greatly appreciated by the BPS Club.

I'll be posting an announcement here when the calendar ordering page is ready along with ongoing updates on Zoë and Coullah's big move to the country.

Here's a great shot - compliments of Kim Ratigan.  The day before we moved we had the girls stay with Kim, Pat, Terry, Suede and Dax for an overnighter.  Kim managed to get this great shot of the four Blues:

Left to right: Dax, Suede, Coullah and Zoë

26 October 2011

BPS Calendar Update

Christmas is just around the corner and the 2012 Blues of Brighthope Calendar is just about ready!

This high quality stocking stuffer features members of the Brighthope BPS family.  Printed on high quality stock, this full colour gift is sure to please friends and family.  I've actually seen the proof and I was impressed by the quality - the photos look fabulous!!

Stay tuned for pricing and mailing/shipping details.  Buy in bulk and save!!!

16 October 2011

No one's at the beach!

This was going to be the final posting featuring 'June showcasing one of the favourite activities of the BPS: water romps!  A big thanks to Erika for these incredible photos!  Because I have so many great shots..... this will be the *second* last look at summertime (and June):

15 October 2011

Summer is over, but here comes June!

I haven't been on the blog as much as I'd like, as we're preparing for a BIG move!  Kypros and I are both super excited about the move - especially since we'll be relocating to the country!!  Our new address is much less 'urban', so we're looking forward to quiet, starry nights, more trail walks and a nice big pool!!  (and yes, Kim... perhaps a small agility course!!)

Anyways more on that in future posts, but let's continue with some absolutely wonderful shots of June.  In my last post, June was just a wee pup, now, she's grown and, well, like our two Blues, love trail walks, socializing and .... water!

07 October 2011

BPS Calendar Update

The contest is long over, photos have been received and selected!!  The 2012 BPS calendar will be hot off the press on October 16, 2011.  I'll be relaying further detail as they become available.  This calendar will be a great stocking stuffer - perfect for family, friends and of course, yourself!!!

04 October 2011

Those photogenic Blues.......

Greetings all!

I've had a few enquiries about the availability of the 2012 BPS Calendar.  Rest assured, I'm doing my best to find out when this fabulous stocking stuffer will be available.  As soon as I know, I'll be sure to post all the details.

So, without further adieu....here's the latest installment of Coullah's fabulous sister, June.  By the way, if you would like your Brighthope BPS featured on the Blog, just let me know!  Zoë and Coullah will enjoy the company!!

Is there a more photogenic breed??

June.... in June (2010)

The BPS puppy LOVES to pose for pictures!!

23 September 2011

Updates and absences and a big Congrats!!

Hi everyone!

Things have been topsy-turvy here. But a personal message first:
Congratulations Linda!!!   

It's been quite some time since I've posted and since all has been quiet on the Blog, I guess it's time to provide more information about Coullah's sister, June.  The funny part is that the Blog gets regular readership worldwide, but sadly, no one has even viewed the last post about June....   Tell me why everyone!!!  Comments are appreciated as always...

But, despite the lack of viewership, I do have some great shots of her - compliments of Erika, so too bad!!!  These are way to perfect to not share.  The cuteness factor is over the top, so beware......

Early days at her Forever Home

No comment required

Night time in her play pen

Goodnight to everyone and stay tuned for more fabulous shots of the very photogenic June!

02 September 2011

Let's meet June!

It's always fun to hear from a member of our extended Brighthope family and as luck would have it, Erika posted a comment on my blog.

Erika and her husband just happen to have one of Coullah's sisters.  Brighthope's Seismic June, or "June" as she is known, currently lives in Michigan and, according to Erika is the talk of the town!  Matter of fact, she believes that her BPS is the only one in the State.  I don't doubt it one bit!

Over the next few posts I'll be introducing you, in pictures, to June aka "Puppy Number 5".  For those of you who have read Coullah's history, she was "Puppy Number 6" - which makes June her big sis!

Early days

Photos compliments of Brighthope Kennels

Little did June know that she would soon be going to her forever home in Michigan.........

To be continued next post.

14 August 2011

Coullah's going to the Picardy Picnic......

Are you????
Brighthope families and potential Brighthope families....please don't forget to send your RSVP for the upcoming picnic.  Lots of fun, good friends and a bunch of beautiful Blues!!!  Come for a great afternoon in the country!!

Just in case you've been living under a rock, here are the details:

Bigger and Bluer!!

Brighthope Kennels will be hosting the 2nd Annual Blue Picardy Picnic on Saturday, September 10th, 2011. Picardy owners and Picardy wanna-be-owners are welcome to drop in.  Please visit the Brighthope website, the BPS club webpage or RSVP to Zoë and Coullah on this Blog.  Just comment on this post - it's that easy!!!

Hope to see you there!!

08 August 2011

The next backyard project....

"Dig where??  No, no... not us!!!!"
Clearly not trained, professional contractors, our two Blues have made headway on their latest backyard project.  Working without a backhoe, Coullah and Zoë are creating a unique backyard reno - one of which will suit their purposes.....

"Quick!  Hide!!"
After clearing out every single trace of every raspberry bush, the girls have set their sights on our currant bushes.  These fabulous bushes have given us many currants over the past few years - leading to very tasty jams!! I look forward every year to gathering my little harvest for that season's jam batch.

"Zoë, I think we're gonna get in trouble!!!"
The girls have been putting great effort into their project of the removal of the currants.  Working from *behind* the bushes, they are slowly stripping them away, branch-by-branch.  We actually didn't realize that this project was underway until recently.

Zoë (left) confers with Coullah over design details
It is evident that this fall, we'll have to burlap our currant bushes.  I fear that when they finally shed their leaves, the tempting look of mere 'sticks in the ground' will be too much for our lovely doggies to handle and all will systematically disappear - never to be seen again!!!  The girls do love chasing each other around the bushes, but their love of digging in the 'back 40' is far more tempting than a good game of chase.

Each time the 'crew' is onsite, great care is taken to keep the project 'under wraps'. 

Coullah conveniently shields the digging Zoë from our view
The proof?  Well, we know the project is progressing.  The giant holes tell us that.  The dirty feet tell us that.  But, catching the culprits ...oops!! I mean, 'Contractors' with the evidence - that just says it all!!

Meet Our Backyard Reno Team!

Zoë: Project Manager and Excavation Specialist
This project manager is a dirt removal specialist!  Specializing in the use of using both front feet simultaneously, this experienced contractor excels at root removal.  Tasty pieces of succulent roots are kept for chewing at a later date.  

Coullah: The Rookie.  Arborist and Landscaper
Branches are quickly snipped, snapped and removed.  Creativity is key to this rookies work!  Tender young leaves?  No problemo!  No branch too big or too small!!  Easily bored with manual labour, this youngster prefers an avant garde design style leaving branches here and there - thereby making grass cutting a tedious process.  Coullah takes many breaks during a work day to engage in other activities - namely trying to catch ants.  Oh, the life of an artist!!!!!

07 August 2011

Coldcuts, salads and bread, oh my!

The Annual BPS Picnic is coming up fast!  Have you RSVP'd?

No need to bring anything but you - and your Blue of course.  For those wanna-be's, come and meet the Brighthope family and all of our wonderful doggies!  We'll all be available to answer all of your questions about being owned by a Blue and if that isn't enough..... how about meeting the world famous Zoë?  She of cyberspace and interational fame!!!! 

Seriously though, if you're planning on attending, please RSVP - at this blog, or at BluePicardy1@gmail.com.

And, while I'm reminded.....we've got a slew (that's more than one) submitted images everyone!  Keep submitting your photos!!!  Competition is good for the soul!!  See the BPS club page for submission details.

Point me to the Picardy Picnic!!

25 July 2011

Birds and Bees

Coullah and Zoë are hunting dogs.

Both have their favourite prey:



Coullah has caught two birds.  Was I pleased?  No!!  But, how can I get angry at her?  It's in her genes.  She's a hunting dog!!!  She killed neither, but I think the poor things were so terrified they both died of shock - despite my efforts.   During the last incident, once I realized what had occured, I quickly called her to me, she came immediately, but not before she pick up the bird softly in her mouth and on her way to the house, dropped it right at my feet!!  

In regard to squirrels, she hasn't gotten close to one, but when viewed through our bay window, she is absolutely mesmerized by them. 

With the birds, Coullah displays great skill in tracking.  She is quick to follow direction, watches and learns very quickly.  We are seriously considering putting her into tracking.



Zoë has eclectic hunting interests.  I have to admit that her favourite prey are bees - preferably Bumblebees!  She runs out our side door, pauses and points towards the honeysuckle bush.  Then does a slinky dash towards the bush looking for bees.

We're thinking that Zoë might have been dropped on her head at birth because she looks for bees 365 days per year - even on the bleakest, frostiest January day!  Of course we jest, she's a wonderful girl, but really.....hmmmm... there is further evidence of droppage on head:

Tonight, we got a good laugh.  Zoe was tracking a big fly.  It landed on a pile of poop.  Zoë stopped in her tracks and pointed at the fly - lifing not a front food, but her back right!!!!!  Haha!!!

When Zoë has located a small bird, she approaches very slowly and goes right up to it - smiling and wagging her tail.  Never touching it.  Probably not that comforting for the poor little bird, but the only thing Zoë would hurt is a fly!!!  We love our gentle Zoë!

Rabbits and skunks are on the list as well, but she's come close to catching neither.  She usually sees the neighbourhood skunk on her early morning walk  - but at a distance.  Rabbits are more common, but rabbits aren't fools and she never gets too close to them either!!

We're considering taking Zoë for training as well as she's got an amazing nose, but first we have to stop her from pulling on leash!!! 

Despite their differences, our two girls have some similar interests, including relaxing whenever they aren't hunting or wrestling.....

19 July 2011

Coullah discovers Picardy Pool

It's hot.  Really hot.  I know that many of you might not think a Canadian knows anything about hot.  But, this Canadian does!  We are in the middle of seriously warm weather - there's no sign of this hot spell disappearing anytime soon either.  Temperatures ranging (with the 'Humidex') from 34C (93F) to a blistering 39C (102F).  This Thursday, the weatherpeeps are predicting an incredible 48C (118F)!!!   

Because of the heat, our Blues haven't been visiting the dog park - no shade and waaaaay to hot for our doggies.  Instead, we filled up the new Picardy Pool and let the Blues vacation in their own backyard.  They are pooped after playing around in the backyard during this heat and have been sleeping like champs!!

Zoë has always been a fan of the pool (as readers from last year know), Coullah has seen the pool, but hasn't ventured in until very recently.......

"Come on in, the water's fine!!"
 Look at her!  She's in the pool!!  Just all of a sudden, in she went.  But....this calm picture wasn't the end of the story, so let's start at the beginning!!

"One paw at a time".....
"..hope nobodies watchin'...."

"Gotta get this water outta here!!!"

"This is a lot of work............."

"Did you call me, Zoë?"

"On my way!"

Coullah didn't stop splashing about until all of the water was out of the pool!!  She now goes back regularly for her 'swim'!!!