25 July 2011

Birds and Bees

Coullah and Zoë are hunting dogs.

Both have their favourite prey:



Coullah has caught two birds.  Was I pleased?  No!!  But, how can I get angry at her?  It's in her genes.  She's a hunting dog!!!  She killed neither, but I think the poor things were so terrified they both died of shock - despite my efforts.   During the last incident, once I realized what had occured, I quickly called her to me, she came immediately, but not before she pick up the bird softly in her mouth and on her way to the house, dropped it right at my feet!!  

In regard to squirrels, she hasn't gotten close to one, but when viewed through our bay window, she is absolutely mesmerized by them. 

With the birds, Coullah displays great skill in tracking.  She is quick to follow direction, watches and learns very quickly.  We are seriously considering putting her into tracking.



Zoë has eclectic hunting interests.  I have to admit that her favourite prey are bees - preferably Bumblebees!  She runs out our side door, pauses and points towards the honeysuckle bush.  Then does a slinky dash towards the bush looking for bees.

We're thinking that Zoë might have been dropped on her head at birth because she looks for bees 365 days per year - even on the bleakest, frostiest January day!  Of course we jest, she's a wonderful girl, but really.....hmmmm... there is further evidence of droppage on head:

Tonight, we got a good laugh.  Zoe was tracking a big fly.  It landed on a pile of poop.  Zoë stopped in her tracks and pointed at the fly - lifing not a front food, but her back right!!!!!  Haha!!!

When Zoë has located a small bird, she approaches very slowly and goes right up to it - smiling and wagging her tail.  Never touching it.  Probably not that comforting for the poor little bird, but the only thing Zoë would hurt is a fly!!!  We love our gentle Zoë!

Rabbits and skunks are on the list as well, but she's come close to catching neither.  She usually sees the neighbourhood skunk on her early morning walk  - but at a distance.  Rabbits are more common, but rabbits aren't fools and she never gets too close to them either!!

We're considering taking Zoë for training as well as she's got an amazing nose, but first we have to stop her from pulling on leash!!! 

Despite their differences, our two girls have some similar interests, including relaxing whenever they aren't hunting or wrestling.....

19 July 2011

Coullah discovers Picardy Pool

It's hot.  Really hot.  I know that many of you might not think a Canadian knows anything about hot.  But, this Canadian does!  We are in the middle of seriously warm weather - there's no sign of this hot spell disappearing anytime soon either.  Temperatures ranging (with the 'Humidex') from 34C (93F) to a blistering 39C (102F).  This Thursday, the weatherpeeps are predicting an incredible 48C (118F)!!!   

Because of the heat, our Blues haven't been visiting the dog park - no shade and waaaaay to hot for our doggies.  Instead, we filled up the new Picardy Pool and let the Blues vacation in their own backyard.  They are pooped after playing around in the backyard during this heat and have been sleeping like champs!!

Zoë has always been a fan of the pool (as readers from last year know), Coullah has seen the pool, but hasn't ventured in until very recently.......

"Come on in, the water's fine!!"
 Look at her!  She's in the pool!!  Just all of a sudden, in she went.  But....this calm picture wasn't the end of the story, so let's start at the beginning!!

"One paw at a time".....
"..hope nobodies watchin'...."

"Gotta get this water outta here!!!"

"This is a lot of work............."

"Did you call me, Zoë?"

"On my way!"

Coullah didn't stop splashing about until all of the water was out of the pool!!  She now goes back regularly for her 'swim'!!!

13 July 2011

What are you waiting for??

Time is ticking!!  Entries are steadily flowing in for this one-of-kind calendar!!!  Why haven't you sent your photo?  You might just hold THE BEST BLUE PICARDY SPANIEL PHOTO EVER TAKEN

Pehaps you're shy and think that nothing you've taken would be considered.  Not so!  Rest assured, your subject is extremely photogenic - you can't really go wrong!  Give it a go - this ain't National Geographic!!

Perhaps you're just a procrastinator?  Well, get a move on people!!  Submitting is quick and easy, just a couple minutes of your time and it's done!

Perhaps your Blue is camera-shy?  Um....highly unlikely!!!  

Just in case you can't bear to navigate away from your favourite blog (!!), here are the juicy details, once again:


Entries will be accepted via email from Monday, July 4th through to JULY 30th, 2011. Email any questions you may have and your entries to BluePicardy1@gmail.com


Online voting of accepted photos will start on August 5 and end August 15th.

Why should your Blue be left out of the calendar?   You've posted on YouTube, you've sent them to family, you have them on mugs and mouse pads....why not in a calendar???  We know you them people.... so give'm up!!!!!!

Detail-oriented??  Please visit the BPS club page for all submission info.

Now, enough Blog reading!!  Submit your photo!!

05 July 2011

Picture Perfect and ..... a Picnic!!!

Blues News

This edition of Blues News is dedicated to getting the word out about two special events.

2012 Blue Picardy Spaniel Calendar Photo Contest

To offset the cost of the Picardy Picnic, this year we're having a photo contest.  Online voting will result in the winning pictures being featured in a 2012 BPS Calendar. 

Entrants: Contestants must have a BPS from Brighthope Kennels. For all the pesky details, please visit the NEW Blue Picardy Spaniel Club of Canada website.

2011 Picardy Picnic - September 10, 2011

Back and bigger and bluer than ever!!! All those with Brighthope Blues and even those who are considering adding this wonderful breed to their family are welcome to attend! Come on out to Hanover and enjoy the hospitality of Brighthope Kennels, meet other Blue owners and reunite with those folks you met last year.

Details will be posted here, on the BPSCC website and the Brighthope Kennels website.

Come on out and have a ball!!

Blue Picardy Spaniel Club of Canada (BPSCC)

A small club that is dedicated to the absolutely adorable, wonderful and spectacular Blue Picardy Spaniel.  Check here often for everything Blue!!  Tell them you heard about it on Our Blue Picardies!!!!

Watch for the Official Launch Information!!!

04 July 2011

Part 3: Coullah and the Gang - A family reunion

After our PawsWay day, the gang headed back to our place for some old fashioned "Q" and a BPS reunion.   The timing was great as it was just like we had a doggie family party for Coullah's 1st Birthday. 

The dogs had a great time running around in the backyard, playing in the picardy pool and hanging out tableside.  Although not a general rule - there were a couple of Picardies that were lucky enough to get a bit of burger....I'm pretty sure I even caught Dave sneaking Zoë a wee bit of burger meat!!!!  Haha!!  Busted Dave!!!!!

Suede (looking so youthful!!) takes in the action

Suede and Dax

Could Ciron be the best looking BPS ever???
Zoë: Our hostess and social butterfuly....NOT!!!!

Zoë and Coullah's "excavation project" is reviewed by Eclat and others
Coullah battles for Kypros' affection

Let's play ball!!

"The Outdoorsman":  Suede and his man, Pat

"Dibs on Ciron, Vicki!!!"

Stay tuned for tomorrow's edition of Blue's News for details on the upcoming photo contest and a reminder about the Picardy Picnic!!