14 August 2011

Coullah's going to the Picardy Picnic......

Are you????
Brighthope families and potential Brighthope families....please don't forget to send your RSVP for the upcoming picnic.  Lots of fun, good friends and a bunch of beautiful Blues!!!  Come for a great afternoon in the country!!

Just in case you've been living under a rock, here are the details:

Bigger and Bluer!!

Brighthope Kennels will be hosting the 2nd Annual Blue Picardy Picnic on Saturday, September 10th, 2011. Picardy owners and Picardy wanna-be-owners are welcome to drop in.  Please visit the Brighthope website, the BPS club webpage or RSVP to Zoë and Coullah on this Blog.  Just comment on this post - it's that easy!!!

Hope to see you there!!

08 August 2011

The next backyard project....

"Dig where??  No, no... not us!!!!"
Clearly not trained, professional contractors, our two Blues have made headway on their latest backyard project.  Working without a backhoe, Coullah and Zoë are creating a unique backyard reno - one of which will suit their purposes.....

"Quick!  Hide!!"
After clearing out every single trace of every raspberry bush, the girls have set their sights on our currant bushes.  These fabulous bushes have given us many currants over the past few years - leading to very tasty jams!! I look forward every year to gathering my little harvest for that season's jam batch.

"Zoë, I think we're gonna get in trouble!!!"
The girls have been putting great effort into their project of the removal of the currants.  Working from *behind* the bushes, they are slowly stripping them away, branch-by-branch.  We actually didn't realize that this project was underway until recently.

Zoë (left) confers with Coullah over design details
It is evident that this fall, we'll have to burlap our currant bushes.  I fear that when they finally shed their leaves, the tempting look of mere 'sticks in the ground' will be too much for our lovely doggies to handle and all will systematically disappear - never to be seen again!!!  The girls do love chasing each other around the bushes, but their love of digging in the 'back 40' is far more tempting than a good game of chase.

Each time the 'crew' is onsite, great care is taken to keep the project 'under wraps'. 

Coullah conveniently shields the digging Zoë from our view
The proof?  Well, we know the project is progressing.  The giant holes tell us that.  The dirty feet tell us that.  But, catching the culprits ...oops!! I mean, 'Contractors' with the evidence - that just says it all!!

Meet Our Backyard Reno Team!

Zoë: Project Manager and Excavation Specialist
This project manager is a dirt removal specialist!  Specializing in the use of using both front feet simultaneously, this experienced contractor excels at root removal.  Tasty pieces of succulent roots are kept for chewing at a later date.  

Coullah: The Rookie.  Arborist and Landscaper
Branches are quickly snipped, snapped and removed.  Creativity is key to this rookies work!  Tender young leaves?  No problemo!  No branch too big or too small!!  Easily bored with manual labour, this youngster prefers an avant garde design style leaving branches here and there - thereby making grass cutting a tedious process.  Coullah takes many breaks during a work day to engage in other activities - namely trying to catch ants.  Oh, the life of an artist!!!!!

07 August 2011

Coldcuts, salads and bread, oh my!

The Annual BPS Picnic is coming up fast!  Have you RSVP'd?

No need to bring anything but you - and your Blue of course.  For those wanna-be's, come and meet the Brighthope family and all of our wonderful doggies!  We'll all be available to answer all of your questions about being owned by a Blue and if that isn't enough..... how about meeting the world famous Zoë?  She of cyberspace and interational fame!!!! 

Seriously though, if you're planning on attending, please RSVP - at this blog, or at BluePicardy1@gmail.com.

And, while I'm reminded.....we've got a slew (that's more than one) submitted images everyone!  Keep submitting your photos!!!  Competition is good for the soul!!  See the BPS club page for submission details.

Point me to the Picardy Picnic!!