31 March 2011

Let's meet Coullah!

Leading up to April 9, I'll continue to post lots of pic of Coullah.  We've got an absolute ton of puppy pics from the Picardy Picnic last Fall.   She was an absolute sweetheart that day and was busy, busy, busy!!!!  Non-stop in fact!  So, it didn't take her long to spend some quality time with Zoë and 'Uncle Suede'.  Here's the first of a series of pictures from that humid September day:
Poppin' up to say "Hi!"

"I'll tell you a secret, Zoë...."

"...I'm going to live with you some day"

"Come on, Uncle Suede! Let's play!!"

Coullah gives Suede "the raspberry" as Zoë looks on

Off on another mission

30 March 2011

We're Expecting!!!!

Hi Everyone!

First reported in Burlington, a strange virus has made its way to Mississauga.  One of the symptoms reported is the development of a serious hole in one's head.  Irrational decisions of those infected cause friends and family to develop eye-rolling and head-shaking behaviours. 

Having both come down with this virus, Kypros and I are pleased to announce our new pup:  Coullah.    Our new little girl is another wonderful Blue Picardy Spaniel from Brighthope Kennels.  Until she actually lands in her 'forever home' on April 9, I'll present a series of Coullah in pictures - from our first meeting on September 11, 2010.

Just a wee baby @ the Picardy Picnic - September 2010.

18 March 2011

Blame it on the rain

I love the sound of rain.  I love the freshness that it brings.  It signifies that Spring is on its way. 

I don't like rain.  It's wet.  It seeps into the ground.  It gets into foundation cracks. It causes basement flooding.

Clean up begins
On the evening of March 5, we had a wonderful surprise in our finished basement.  Underneath a wall of bookshelves, below our carpet, rain had penetrated our house!  We had a couple days of rain - heavy rain.  Finally, it had seeped through an unknown crack in our foundation.  We are in the process of 'recovery' and hope to have the basement completed sooner rather than later.

So for a wonderful Sunday morning, Tracy and I enjoyed chatting and sipping our coffees while the boys toiled at the macho job of demolition:

Using brute strength (and manly gloves) our boys ripped down the walls

Zoë got to hang out with Rocky again.  The dogs were great despite the limited play space. 

Waiting for another treat

Zoë gets a close up