19 March 2012

Blue antics: past and present

The theme as of late has been destruction!  We love our Blues for sure, but perhaps Spring brings thoughts not of romping through wildflowers, but of downright naughtiness!!

Funny enough, I have no pictures of Coullah's handiwork - the rug, the furniture.... it's just really hard to take a good picture when you have steam coming out your ears!!!!!  We were told that spraying 'bitter apple' on things would stop the chewing because "dogs hate the taste".  Really???  Which dogs would those be??  I think Coullah - and especially Zoë found it quite refreshing!  The we were told Franks Hot Sauce.  Sounds promising right??  Not so much.  And, as Erika can attest to, who knew that hot sauce was bad for your furniture??? 

Despite all of this, we love our Blues!!!  They are great dogs AND quite the clowns.  However, if you're home is being featured in next month's Architectual Digest, I suggest that perhaps a Blue is not for you!! 

Funny, lovable, wacky, smart and loyal they are, perfect, boring lap dogs they aren't!!

Let's look back at some of the antics that our dogs have gotten into.......

Hillbilly Zoë:  I love this shot!  Notice the wood 'toothpick'.
June counter surfs for a little snack

Zoë not only fetches slippers, she eats them too!


Average life expectancy of a stuffed toy?  About 1 hour!

Zoë protecting her piece of wood

Cover for an armchair:  these would disappear and reappear in the strangest places

Kitchen reno compliments of June

But, does any of this really matter to us??

Nope, not one bit!!

18 March 2012

Favourite things

After the post about the dog bed, I received a great comment from Erika.  She has provided a list of a variety of items that have succumbed to the curiousity of June.  When I received this comment from Erika, it made Kypros and I laugh, "of course they're sisters!!!"  Without further ado, here is Erika's list of items:

Who me???
  • couch cushion
  • a Kindle
  • a pair of noise cancelling headphones
  • several baseball hats
  • underwear
  • two laptop charge cords
  • a hairbrush
  • a sandal

This list is impressive -especially the Kindle!  Here's Coullah's list:

  • A chunk from a bay-window ledge
  • corners of a coffee table
  • leg of a dining room table
  • leg of a dining room chair
  • chunks of an area rug
  • the corner of a duvet cover
  • the arm of a chair
  • outdoor light covers
  • 1/4 round trim
I'm sure there's more, but I'm trying to erase it from my memory!!

Erika writes that June now stays in the crate, behind a gate or otherwise in full view.  Apparently her favourite time to be sneaky is when everyone forgets she's out and about.  Similarly, Coullah prefers to chow down on household items when no one is around.  We're never, ever seen her eat the furniture - even attempt to.  All this activity happens when we're not around.   We have gone back to crating Coullah if we're going to be out for an extended period of time, but Zoë is still out and about and we all know that all missing socks and underwear are her handiwork!!

What has your Blue eaten??  Write us at zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

13 March 2012

I hate my dog bed!!

We've let Coullah out of the crate - ALL DAY.  Yesterday was great.... but today....

Who's handiwork was this??? We'll never know.
Photo: Crystal Manias
Thanks to Crystal for discovering this masterpiece - and cleaning up the mess.  We determined that the stuffing was from the dog bed (top right corner) and the black mess in the middle was Zoë's own personal paw wipe towel!!

Guess who's back in the crate??

12 March 2012

Feeling left out?

You will if you don't take your Blues to the 2012 Picardy Picnic!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Blue Picardy Club of Canada invites you and your Blues to this once a year event.  Our wonderful breeder, Vicky Duncan of Brighthope Kennels will be our generous host again this year.  This special event is a thank you to all who supported our fledgling club through the sale of our first Blue Calendar. 

Come on out, support your club, reunite your dogs with their doggie family and kick back and enjoy a day out in the country!!!   Those interested in this wonderful breed might also like to attend - you'll never see so many Blues in one place!

We'd love to see you there!!

Please RSVP to zoeandcoullah@gmail.com .

Stay tuned for:  A day at Brighthope

03 March 2012

Hold the Date!!

All dressed up and nowhere to go?

June is ready to go!!
Start Summer 2012 off right - join us on Saturday, June 9 at Brighthope Kennels for the Annual Picardy Picnic.

It's a great time for fun, family, friends and Blues.  Come and meet the rest of the Brighthope Family and reconnect with friends.  Vicki and Dave love to see their precious pups!!! 

Stay tuned for updates! It's a great day folks, don't miss it!!!

Please RSVP to zoeandcoullah@gmail.com or bluepicardy1@gmail.com