25 May 2014

Happy Birthday, Zoë!!!

It's hard to believe that Zoë turns 5 today.  It seems like yesterday that we picked her up from Brighthope - our "puppy with the black eye", "Puppy Number Two".  Our little tiny puppy, asleep in the back of our SUV.  Zoë was very car sick when she was small and to this day, she isn't a big fan of a car ride.   She was a very mischievous puppy who loved bothering her cat brother, Gus.  She always had a very large, bright white tip on her tail that would draw a lot of attention from people and other dogs - from a distance it looked like a bandage.  She was a restless sleeper and still is - except now, she snores!

Over the years, Zoë has grown in to a beautiful, soulful dog.  She still has her black eye and she has grown into her white-tipped tail - for a Blue, it is a very beautiful, full feathered tail.  Our breeder, Vicki has always referred to it as a "Hollywood Tail"!  There are many things that have not changed - she is still very stubborn, loves a game of chase, buries bones in the backyard, sleeps on her back and hates thunderstorms and fireworks.  Zoë is not the cuddliest of dogs, but when she chooses to, there is nothing better.  She is a very happy dog and loves meeting new people and new dog friends.  Is she obedient? Not really.  Does she do tons of tricks?  Nope.  We have to say, seeing her sitting under her favourite tree, relaxing in the shade, nose in the air.... she is a beautiful, beautiful dog. 

Happy Birthday Zoë!!!  We love you!!


01 May 2014

Two dogs = Three times the work

.... that's what our vet said when we told him we were getting Coullah.  That was over three years ago.  We can honestly say that Spring is the worst time for three times the work! 

I'm not a big fan of Spring. Spring means rain and rain means MUD.  Of course, Zoë and Coullah love rain - it brings out all the fresh critter smells. Yay!!  'Round the wood piles, in the pine needles, under the bushes.....  Both show up at the door soaked and muddy - especially Coullah.  What a hunter!  She regularly resembles an ATV that has been off-roading all day.  Routinely, we take one look at her, wrap her in towels and carry her to the tub for a bath.  Three rinses and a light shampoo and she's our beautiful little Blue again.

Zoë LOVES baths.  She also loves having the blow dryer treatment - she always has.  Coullah, on the other hand, TOLERATES baths.  She hates the blow dryer, so she gets towel-dried only.

Does your Blue like bath time?   I've recently heard about 'Gracie' in Vancouver.  Her humans, Scott and Leslie state that anytime a bath is run, Grace gets all excited.  She loves to watch the tub fill up  and loves bothering the bather while they try to relax. 

Sounds like a True Blue to me!!!

You caught me!!

Can someone hand me my shower cap?


A big thank you to Scott and Leslie (and Wendy!) for sharing!  If you have a funny, quirky Blue at home, please share your True Blue moment with us at zoeandcoullah@gmail.com