29 February 2012

A Blue Outing with friends

Zoë and Coullah thoroughly enjoy getting together with new pals such as Cara and Duke.  These meetings are compliments of Crystal Manias of Parks & BarksBoth our Blues enjoy the time they spend with Crystal and members of the Parks & Barks family.   Crystal has done a great job with Coullah and Zoë - we'd highly recommend Parks & Barks services.

If you take a good, close look you'll notice that Crystal has put a halter on Zoe.  This will stop all of that crazy pulling that she does on leash.  Now, if only Kypros and I can figure out how to use the halter effectively!!!  We always seem to put it on her wrong.  I think Zoë accepts it from Crystal, but not from Kypros.  Coullah of course, walks pretty well on leash and listens to correction. 

Now, I have to ask:  how did Crystal get them to all sit??????  Amazing!!    

L-R: Coullah, Cara, Zoë and Duke had a fabulous walk together! 
Photo: Crystal Manias, Parks & Barks

26 February 2012

Welcome Roxy and Indy!!!

I recently received an email from Kathryn of Mississauga.  She has graciously submitted her two Blues for posting on the Blog.  She writes:  "Here are our 2 Blues. We love them to death. What a wonderful breed."

Roxy, Alexcyril Credit River Roxy, (on the left) is 11+ years old and comes from Don Fath's Alexcyril Kennels in Black Diamond, Alberta.
Indy, Shireoak Indigo Blue, (right) is 9+ and comes from the late Kim Spelmer and her Shireoak Kennels in Ontario.

Despite their age, Kathryn writes that BOTH Blues believe themselves to be puppies!  I think that every Blue is a puppy in their heart!

For those interested in lineage (Hi Erika!!):  Roxy is Indy's aunt.  And for some extra lineage trivia - Roxy is Remy's full sister but from an earlier litter and Indy is Remy's daughter. 

The girls live with Kathyrn, her husband, and their three children. The Blues have also shared their home over the years with snakes, lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs and other pets, although Indy was most fascinated with the Guinea pigs! Indy was a show dog before Kathryn and her family adopted her. 

Indy under the Christmas tree
 Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Blues with everyone Kathryn!!! 

If you want to share your Blue (or Blues!), please email zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

24 February 2012

Winter in Flamborough!

Our front yard looks beautiful!!
We've waited for most of the winter for winter - and today we're in luck!  Don't get me wrong, we've had snow over the last couple of months, but it always seems to melt away in a matter of days.  I know that some people think that's great, but not me!  We live in Canada people and in Canada, we should have snow in the winter. 

I think that both Zoë and Coullah tend to agree!  Just check out these great shots of our snow dogs!

The original Snow Dog: Zoë

Cold?  No way!!

Off to chase the birds
Pretty Coullah!  Look at that point!!
Goofy girl

Just chillin', literally!!

Pretty Zoë
 ... and couldn't resist sharing this shot - now that the water on the pool cover is frozen over.....


Stay tuned for furry feet vs. neat feet (it's way over due!), a welcome for Roxy and Indy and get ready to hold the date!!!!!!!!

09 February 2012

Questionable comments...

This was supposed to be a post about furry feet, but thought I need to comment on comments.

This blog is fun to write.  I have met many great members of the Brighthope family - some which I have developed friendships with.  I also have readers that don't have a BPS, but enjoy the antics of Zoë and Coullah. (And then there's Linda, Jeff, Piper, Rob, Kisa, Mika, Lucy and Reno!) It's great to see international readership too- Hi everyone!!!!!!

It's also fun to receive comments.  I think the comments connect us, and might even spur a discussion or two about our dogs.  What isn't fun is receiving comments that are not appropriate to post.   Let's face it folks - there are alot of weird, weird humans out there (way weirder than any BPS could ever be!!) and sometimes I just don't know whether something is indeed an innocent typo, or meant to provoke through interesting language 'choices'.  Suffice it to say, I will not post everything I receive.  I ask those commenting, please spell check your comment or at least read it prior to sending!!!  I apologize to those that have sent comments that haven't appeared on the blog - but kids read this blog and well....I ask that you re-read what you sent - you wouldn't post it either!! 

That all being said, please continue to send your comments and pictures!!!  If you want your Blue featured on the blog, please send a photo to zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

Next post:  Furry feet or neat feet???