09 August 2010

Bray Lake

What defines Bray Lake??

The Blue Jays

The Loons

The Fishing

The Quiet Nights

Cottage country in July.  The sound of water lapping on shore.  The call of the loon.  This, my friends is Bray Lake. 

Now that she's over a year, we thought that it was a good idea to take our Blue up to cottage country.  We weren't sure how she would react to so much 'space'.  But we are so happy that we introduced her to the north country. Zoë absolutely loved it!! 

The lake was a huge, huge hit!  She was in and out of it constantly.  Zoë ran along the shore for some distance, then would leap into the water.  We would like her to swim, but she only went in over her head once - and dog-paddled with no problem, back to shore.  This most definitely was a favorite activity!

The surrounding woods was a playground for Zoë.  We were impressed that she didn't stray too far from us and came when she was called  - well, most of the time. 
She was very interested in all of the furry forest critters - rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels... all with quick getaway strategies!  It seemed like a couple of the squirrels were taunting her.  They would sit just out of reach and chatter away at her, then move to another branch.
Although she had her kibble and treats, there are some things a Picardy cannot resist: corn cob husks, lake grasses and raspberries off the bush. 

Night time was interesting.  She was very restless dispite all of the day activities and spent a good amount of time with her nose pressed to the window screens.  Little critters darting about - and maybe some bigger ones as well - peaked her attention until she would finally fall asleep.

When it was time to head home, we had to make a stop at the town dump to unload our garbage and recycle.  This guy, was a big surprise for Zoë.  However, he wasn't the least bit interested in her as he had more on his mind than a little Picardy pup!  Zoë didn't really react to him at all - I don't think she knew exactly what he was!!  Great guard dog skills Zoë!!!

We can't wait for another Bray Lake adventure!