21 April 2010

Zoë's BFF Athena

This post should have been done quite some time ago, but in a way, I'm glad I waited as I was able to great some great pics of Zoë's best friend, Athena.

I've previously explained that Athena, a 1-yr old Doberman Pinscher, was Zoë's first friend at our leash-free.  Even though she is a couple of months older than Zoë, they took to each other and have remained the closest of friends.  Now that both dogs are more or less fully-grown, they still act like goofy pups together.  Oblivious to all dogs around them, they run, body-slam, growl and whine, and roll around in any stinky mud pit together.  They are always partners in crime!!

When Zoë moves away to be 'alone' to stick chew, Athena will run over, lay down beside her.  If Zoë still won't pay notice, to get her attention, Athena will, ready for this?? do a front somersault!!!  Yes, it's  true.  It looks completely goofy, but Athena, like Zoë is really a complete ham at heart.  This move has yet to be photographed, but when it is...

After all the playing is done, they'll go and take a drink together, and then, completely exhausted, sit side-by-side and just hang out.  Athena is very protective of Zoë as well.  She is quick to come to Zoë's aid, if needed, and if asked, "Athena, where's Zoë?", she'll go off in search of our Blue.

If Athena arrives at the leash-free before Zoë, we often see her waiting patiently at the top of the hill for her. The arrival is always met with lots of licks and kisses.

Everyone at the leash-free knows the "Athena-Zoë Bond" and their playful comradarie brings a smile to everyone's face.


06 April 2010

Sand and Surf with Zoë and Piper

Well, you wouldn't know it if you look out your window today, but we have been having some fantastic Spring weather.  And, when you get these fabulous days, you gotta take advantage of the them.  So, that's what we did!

My pal Linda and I took our dogs for some outdoors fun down at the water front - Jack Darling Park to be exact.  Located on Mississauga's picturesque waterfront, this park is the perfect place to spend time on a sunny day.  Other than hosting a leash-free, there is a great board walk through the Rattray Marsh and some beautiful shoreline beach paths as well.  The dogs loved it - and Linda and I had a pretty good time too.

Zoë's pal, Piper is a 9 year old  Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever.  I think that Piper 'tolerates' Zoë - I mean, she's constantly bouncing around him, trying to gain his affection and attention, but he really wants no part of it.  However, that being said, he is good with her and after a while, it does calm her down.  My secret hope is that his good behaviour on-leash will rub off on our 10 month old Blue.... I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Piper's favourite thing to do at the beach is 'Sand Surf'.  He makes a running dive (minus the high energy -so  maybe more like a snowplow...) into the sand and rolls around.  Come to think of it, he does this on frosty grass as well.....hmmm.... Anyway, he's in heaven at the beach and Zoë is not far behind!  From her limited exposure to water, she sure does love it!!!!