08 December 2012

Calendars are here!!!!

After much hard work, intensive proofing and and a bunch of picture-perfect images, the 2013 Blue Picardy Spaniel Calendar is here!  Thanks goes out to everyone that submitted pictures of their beautiful Blues.  This year is a real international effort - we have Blues from the US, Holland, Canada and Turkey!!!

Calendars include US and Canadian holidays.

At only $10.00 CDN, these calendars are sure to please everyone on your holiday list!   At current, PayPal is the payment method of choice (and the fastest way to get your calendar).  Please contact zoeandcoullah@gmail.com if you would like to pay by cheque.

**Calendars will be mailed out as soon as they are ordered.
Canada Post is estimating that items mailed by the following dates will be delivered before Christmas:

Local Delivery: Send as late as Dec 18th
Within Province: Send as late as Dec 17th
Outside of the province: Send as late as Dec. 16th

Place your orders here: 


28 October 2012

It's that time of year

What a rainy, miserable day!  It seems like its been raining for days!  Mother Nature must be making up for that dry summer that we had.  This week will be no drier as Hurricane Sandy delivers more of the wet stuff all week.  Fantastic!   Niagara Falls has absolutely nothing on us!!!

Calendar Update:  Great news all!  We have proofed and double-proofed the calendar and will be going to print very shortly.  The 2013 BPS calendar features a more 'classic' calendar look and will include holidays for both Canada and the US.  We have some absolutely superb photos this year and I think you'll all be very pleased with this amazing stocking stuffer!  Details regarding availability and price will be posted soon. 

Anyhow, pool season is most definitely over and we sadly closed the pool a couple of weeks ago.  We were hoping on having that final swim of the season, but no such luck.   It sure was great that we had so much help from Zoe and Coullah.......as Kypros works....

The girls supervise the work (every job needs at least one supervisor, right?)

 I'm making them look bad, its true, they did help........

Keeping an eye on the equipment

Unfolding the pool cover

With such a helpful team, who needs to hire professionals!?!?!


30 September 2012

A Musical Interlude

Hi everyone!

I don't usually do any types of review or promotion on the Blog, but today will be an exception.  Last night Kypros and I headed to Toronto to see Ben Harper at Massey Hall.  Kypros and I both love Ben's music and collectively have seen him quite a few times.  Our favourite concert to date was at Radio City Music Hall, NYC.  But people, last night, he was in rare form. 

Normally, a concert is 2 hours, right?  Well this beautiful acoustic evening was turned into a whopping 3 hours or so of amazing music.  I also have to give kudos to the opening act, Luke Spehar.  Ben got on stage (on time) at 8:45pm and played until midnight - no break, no 'costume change', no correographed dance routines, no special F/X.  Just one man and about 15 different guitars.  If you ever get a chance to get to a Ben Harper concert, go!

Now, to make this a true Blue post, I have to say that both Zoë and Coullah spent the evening hanging out.  Both were super good and when we returned home late into the evening, Coullah was there to sleepily greet us at the door. 

More Blue news next post - including a calendar update!

Classic Zoë

09 September 2012

Calling all Blues!!!

Thanks to everyone for submitting photos of your beautiful Blues for the 2013 calendar!  It certainly will be hard to choose this year with so many amazing submissions.  But, that being said, keep them coming!!  This is just not for Canadian Blues - we'd love to hear from more of our US neighbours - we know you have 'em!!!!  Europe and beyond???  We'd love to hear from you too!

Please review previous post for submission guidelines and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


03 September 2012

Can your Blue say Cheese?

We know they LOVE cheese, but can they say it??

We are in the process of designing the full colour, 2013 Blue Picardy Spaniel Calender.  Although we have received some *fantastic* photos, we would like more!

This calendar will be in a different format from that of the 2012 version.  Not to mention it was our very first attempt and needless to say, we had a couple of 'proofing problems'.  Thanks to everyone who put up with the mayhem of last year's attempt!

We will credit all photos (unless you wish to remain anonymous - that's OK too!) We promise that version 2.0 will be PERFECT!!!
Please sumbit your images (Raw, jpg, TIFF or EPS format work best) to zoeandcoullah@gmail.com or to the Blue Picardy Club of Canada at BluePicardy1@gmail.com.

Calendars will be ready earlier this year - in plenty of time for gift-giving!  Details regarding price will be available soon.  Proceeds from the sale of the BPS Calendar cover our costs of production/mailing and help support the activities of the Blue Picardy Club of Canada.


21 August 2012

Fun with Friends

Zoë and Coullah have had friends accompany them on their daily walks.  Today was no exception.  Crystal brought along three dogs today and all got along fabulously!   Great job, Crystal!!  All five look completely tuckered out!

Zoë, Coullah, Logan, Indie and Scout (photo: Parks & Barks)

12 August 2012

Love will take you furthest.......

As I sit here and watch the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, I happened to take a bit of a break from all the action and found a beautiful story on line. 

A Wisconsin man, John Unger is seen gently cradling his 19-year-old dog, Schoep (a Shepherd mix) in Lake Superior.  Schoep suffers from arthritis and his advanced condition has made it difficult for the aging canine to get any rest.  To ease his pain and help him relax, Unger started taking his best buddy out into the warm water. The gentle rocking motion acts as a sort of therapy and allows Schoep to grab some much-needed shuteye. 

The photographer, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, stated, "I want people to identify with this photo, and remember a time when they felt safe, loved, and cared for".   

According to the posting, Unger and his fiancée rescued Schoep when the Shepherd mix was an eight-month-old pup.  Schoep had been abused by his former male owner and Unger told the Duluth News Tribune that it took close to a year before the dog was able to trust him.

When orignally posted by Hudson, the photo inspired many people to donate towards Schoeps expensive medical care. 

Give a big hug and extra cuddles to your doggies tonight people!  They are "safe, loved and cared for".

06 August 2012

Guess who's back at the beach??

No one loves the beach life more than June!  Thanks to her very accommodating humans, Coullah's Michigan-based sister is lovin' the sand and surf!  Unlike her sister, Coullah has absolutely zero interest in the wet stuff.  She jumped into the pool after Zoë one hot afternoon and although Zoë swam like an Olympian, Coullah was thrashing and splashing - with a little help from Kypros, she got out of the pool none worse the wear.   June clearly loves all things water - much like her Aunt Zoë.

19 July 2012

The Picardy Picnic: Part 2

It was a wet day, a hot day but a great day overall.  Here more pictures from our 2012 event.  Thanks to everyone for their generous donations to this event - we were overwhelmed!!

Check out more great photos from our great big blue picnic!!
Puppies 5 and 6:  June and Coullah (photo: E. Nelson)
Arine:  a real lap dog!
Maverick:  What a handsome boy!!
Dax takes a water break

A Blue Belton Setter (R):  a cousin of the Blue Picardy Spaniel (photo: E. Nelson)

The end of a perfect day:  Zoë, Coullah and Dax

10 July 2012

That's the day the Picardies had their picnic!!

On June 9,  we awoke to heavy grey skies.  Rain poured out of the sky - it came down in buckets!  Oh no!  We just figured despite the great RSVPs, no one would want to stand out in the rain!  Half-hearted, we packed up the SUV and heading to Hanover....

As we pulled into Brighthope, we were so pleased to see people and Blues!  What can I say about our Brighthope family?  We sure are a tough bunch!!  Rain or shine...

As quickly as possible, we prepped the 'Q, served the salads and just kept watching families arrive from all over Ontario and even the fabulous June (sister of Coullah) from Michigan.  We even had another family drive from up from Michigan - just to check out Brighthope Kennels!  I think we all did a great job talking about our wonderful dogs - even though the breed doesn't really need a hard sell, so to speak!!

The day was an outstanding success!  Old friends reunited, new friends made and once again a great day in the park for the Blues!!  Thanks to everyone who attended!!!!   Enjoy the first picnic post!!  More picture to come!

Coullah, Zoë and June (hiding)
Marne's pups (from left):  Coullah, Beau, June and Marne
Look at those tongues!!!  Suede and his pups (L to R): Suede, Zoë, Rosie, Remy

The beautiful Dani:  The oldest Blue at the picnic

Beau:  Happily Everafter....
Father and daughter:  Zoë and Suede
Arine:  It's hot!!!

25 June 2012

The faces of Coullah

Coullah.  Always so serious  - those piercing, amber eyes.  We joke that she never 'smiles' for the camera  - there are a couple of rare 'smiley' shots, but nothing like the tongue-wagging Zoë. 

As a little tribute to her 2nd birthday, I thought I'd share some recent photos of our youngest Blue - who definitely can mug for the camera:


Portrait, please! 

Bird?? Where??

Pretty girl
The Blue that swallowed the canary???

Stay tuned for the next post:  The 2012 Picardy Picnic!!!

03 June 2012

Countdown to the Picardy Picnic!

Thanks to everyone for your RSVPs to the 2012 Blue Picardy Club of Canada's 'Picardy Picnic'.  We have close to 50 Brighthope families and about 30 Blues attending this year!!    For those interested in the breed, you're more than welcome to attend as well - where else would you get the change to meet some great people and Blues of all ages?

The 2012 picnic is bound to be great - make new friends, reconnect with others!  The BBQ will begin at noon - burgers, hotdogs and salads.  We're hoping to get the grill going on time, so please time your arrival appropriately.

Please remember to bring lawn chairs, sunscreen and anything else that will make your day at Brighthope complete.

Any questions??  Please contact zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

"See you at the picnic!!"

02 June 2012

Happy Birthday Zoë!!!

On May 25, our sweet Zoë turned 3 years old.  How time flies!  A true blue 'thanks' to our friend Vicki Duncan for letting us drive away with one of Nola's precious pups!!

Our wonderful Zoë

22 April 2012

The story of Ripley... Believe it or not!!

It's always great to receive an email from other 'Blue' families and this one from Tina S was really intriguing!  

Western Maryland This mountainous region offers a cooler climate and severe winters.  "Ripley", a resuce dog, came from about 20 miles north in the area that they call “winter County”, which is Garrett County, Maryland. 

Ripley: A handsome Blue
Ripley is one of three rescue dogs in this family.  Tina explains that they didn't know what breed of dog he was until they searched the internet. She explains, "we found all of these dogs that looked AND acted like our Ripley.  He looks and acts exactly like you describe". 
Ripley (far right) and his friends definitely won the lottery!

Now 8 years old, Tina and her family named him 'Ripley' after looking through a book of baby names!

Ripley is a clown and a typical Blue!

Like all Blues, he is glued to Tina's side at all times and so defensive in the yard! He's a complete love-bug in the house and actually gets upset when Tina doesn't have time to snuggle in the mornings!

What Blue doesn't like a nice comfy bed??

"I would love to clone him!!!! I want a whole pack of them!!!"

Tina writes that she thinks "we have Blue’s running around in our state and nobody knows what they are"!

I want to thank Tina for sharing Ripley with me and rescuing him from a life of uncertainty.  It has been a real treat.  I am so pleased that this Blue found a home that want him and love him.  It breaks my heart that one of these rare dogs was needing to be 'rescued'.  For those who have purchased one of these wonderful dogs from a breeder, please remember that puppies are never perfect.  If you find yourself doubting your decision to have a puppy, please contact your breeder!  She or he would be more than happy to help you with your new Blue.  If you decide that you don't want the puppy, contact your breeder and return your puppy.  No kind, reputable breeder would want to see their dog abandoned or mistreated.

Thanks again for sharing Tina and feel free to send more shots of handsome Ripley for future posts!!

Keep those Blues coming!  Forward your Blue story and pictures to: zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

21 April 2012

Happy Anniversary Coullah!!

"we have a 10-month old female available for an approved home....."

These are the words that I read on the Brighthope Kennels website.  Kypros and I discussed it that very night and I contacted Vicki.  "Sure, come on up and see Coullah..."  And so it began.  We knew (and I'm pretty sure Vicki did too!) that Coullah would be coming home with us in a matter of weeks...so there it was April 21, 2011.....

It was one year ago today that we found ourselves driving back from Brighthope Kennels with a new Blue in tow.  Coullah took to her new home right away and there hasn't been a day go by (well, maybe the day she ate the corner off the coffee table!!) that we we don't comment to each other  at what a beautiful, sweet girl she is.  Zoë has been so happy since we brought Coullah in to our home and our hearts!!  Our two girls are inseparable and quite clearly the best of friends.

April 21, 2011: Coullah's first day at home

April 21, 2012:  Our beautiful Coullah