30 December 2013

Coullah show her goofy (and snowy) side

She's usually always so serious!!  It's always great to catch Coullah playing - and there's no better place than in the snow.  Who says animals don't feel joy???

"for my next trick, I'm going to balance this snow on my nose...."

"Shhh... I'm concentrating..."

29 December 2013

Dogs and props...I give up!

Yesterday I posted a lovely Christmas photo of Coullah and Zoë.  All nicely posed, so perfect, right?  Well I attempted to take some photos of the girls using a couple of festive props at home before that shoot. Perhaps those of you that have Blues already know this, but they don't really like 'accessories' so much... My idea was a good one... but my subjects clearly didn't invest in my vision!!

"Whatcha chewin on Zoë?....Sure looks tasty..."

One Blue out of two isn't so bad, is it?  Very photogenic Zoë!!

Typical! Coullah gives her best serious look and Zoë gives her big goofy grin

27 December 2013

A belated Merry Christmas!!

Hi everyone!

We had a very interesting Christmas season this year.  An ice storm hit our area very hard which resulted in our a dramatic change to our holiday plans - our power was out for 4 days!  FOUR DAYS!!!! 

Sadly, we lost a bunch of very large branches on some of our favourite shade trees. One tree in particular will have to be taken down in the Spring for sure.  At night it was so quiet, all you could hear was the crackling ice and the 'whoosh' of falling branches everywhere.  Thankfully, we have a couple of wood burning fireplaces that provided us with some heat. The inside temperature bottomed out at 43F (that's 6C!). No running water, no electricity, no phone, no internet, no cable.  The kicker is that our sump pump decided to quit right before the power went off - so we had a flooded basement to boot!  We bailed and bailed.  Large generators were sold out everywhere. We finally got our hands on one - the day the power came back on - December 24.  We are lucky as there are many closer to our little community that still are sitting in the dark.

Anyhow, this photo was *supposed* to be posted days ago... but, better late than never!

From our family to yours...
Merry Christmas and a very happy and New Year!!!

04 December 2013

The BPS Club has an Artist-in-Residence!!

Happy December everyone!

Thanks so much for your positive response to the 2014 BPS Calendar.  When we decided to do a calendar, we had no idea that it would become so popular!!  The pictures this year are wonderful - I think you'll all be very, very happy with the results.   Our cover boy this year is "Duke".  Duke resides in Burien Washington.  The photo used captures the beauty and playfulness of the BPS.  I'm sure you'll all agree. Sales are humming along quite nicely - thanks everyone for your continued support in the BPS Club of Canada!!

On another note, one thing you *might* not know is that the BPS Club has a resident artist!   Kim Ratigan is not only the 'mom' of two Blues: Suede and Dax, she is also a wonderful animal artist.    Please visit Kim at: Kim Ratigan Paintings and Portraits.  For the holiday season, Kim is currently working on custom Christmas ornament orders and is even hosting a 'Christmas Giveaway' right now.  Contact Kim if you are interested in a custom piece of your BPS.  Her attentiveness and passion for her craft are obvious!

29 November 2013

Stuff your stockings with the 2014 Blue Picardy Calendar!!!!

On sale now and just in time for Christmas!!  The 2014 edition of the calendar maintains the popular format of the 2013 calendar.  Both Canadian and US holidays are included.  

Thanks to our friends at Canada Post and USPS we have had to increase our prices slightly from last year to handle our mailing/shipping costs.  

Calendars are priced at just $12.00 (for Canadian orders) and $13.50 (for US orders).

**Please email us if you would like to order over 5 calendars.  A discounted rate will be applied.

Order early!!!

For all Canadian Orders: Please send me:

For all US or International Orders: Please send me:


04 October 2013

It's Autumn!

The rainy weather is upon us here in Hamilton - soon to be replaced by snow.  If we had as much snow as we've had rain, we would have at least two feet of snow by now!  Leaves are falling from the trees now and Raking Season will soon be upon us.  The air smells awesome out here in the country at this time of the year.   Everyone is burning wood and the fallen leaves crackle under your shoes.  It's my favourite time of the year!

I dug deep into the Zoë archives to find this shot.  I think she was about 6 months old. 


28 September 2013

Calendar Update

Thanks to everyone that submitted pictures for the 2014 Blue Picardy Spaniel calendar.  It is so difficult to choose the best shots!  I mean, really, can a BPS take a bad picture???  We will be getting a first draft together over the next week or so and then, once ready - to print it will go.  Details will be available soon. 


01 September 2013

Do you have a two-headed Blue?

Coullah and Zoë do their best 'two-headed dog' impersonation

Us Blue folk know that we each have the BEST looking dog, right?  Why not gloat?  Send us those fabulous photos - high res works best - cell phone pics don't work that well.  Your Blue could be the calendar cover!!  Or perhaps you have Mr. May sitting on your patio right now or maybe you even have Miss March chewing on your flip-flop?  We love receiving photos, so send them our way!

And, don't forget, the 2014 Blue Picardy Calendar is the perfect stocking stuffer!!  I know, I know Christmas is months away - but let's face it, its September - time is ticking.  Order details will be posted in October.

So here's what you gotta do in 5 easy steps:
  1. Find a photogenic Blue Picardy Spaniel (should be easy);
  2. Get your camera and take a picture (consult your user guide on how to use your camera)
  3. Turn on your computer (Is it plugged in? )
  4. Log into your email account
  5. Attach your photos to your message (Please let us know the 'deets' on your Blue - name, age and whatever else you want to say) and send to:  bluepicardy1@gmail.com  or zoeandcoullah@gmail.com
Easy-peasy, huh??   Questions? Send them this way too!  We're looking forward to your photos!

Coullah strikes a pose for the 2014 calendar


10 August 2013

BPS Club announces 2014 Calendar Details

The Blue Picardy Spaniel Club of Canada is pleased to announce the 2014 Calendar!  We are looking for your favourite photos of your favourite Blues.  Last year, our call-out for photos included entries from all over the world - from the Netherlands to Turkey to California to Nova Scotia.   Don't be shy, send your photos - we will contact you if your photo is selected for the calendar. 


01 July 2013

Happy 146th Canada!!

Zoë and Coullah stayed home today, while we went down to Roger's Centre to take in the Jays Game.  Thanks for the win, Detroit!!!

Happy Canada Day!!

19 June 2013

Final Picnic Post

I just have so many great shots from the picnic and thought I would share just a few more:


Copper: Look at that beautiful colouring

Freedom in Picardy Park

Zoë and Dax

Beautiful Brie

All the Blues love Picardy Park!

Dax strikes a pose

That's another picnic wrapped up.  A big tail wagging thanks to Brighthope Kennels for hosting yet another great event!  There are few breeders that care so much about their dogs.  

Hope to see you again in 2014!

12 June 2013

Arine...The puppy sitter???

It wasn't that long ago that Arine was a baby herself, but now, she's a beautiful young Blue... all mature and grown up... but that that doesn't mean that she can't revisit her puppyhood..... and what better reason to kick back than the Annual Picardy picnic?     

Ready to pounce!
Dax (right) wanders over to check out the fun

There's nothing like a good, relaxing head massage!

Taking a breather

Arine show off her aerial moves

Oooh... Scary puppy face!! What big teeth you have!!

"No really, your scary face actually was scary!!"

"Thanks for the playtime, Arine!! You're the best puppy sitter EVER!!!"


05 June 2013

All in the Family

Here's a series of group shots from the Picnic!  (Next year, ya'll need to get closer together!!!)

 Next post:  Arine the Puppysitter

02 June 2013

Picnic Time... and Zoë's Birthday Celebration!!

Our Zoë, the "Original Z" turned 4 on May 23, 2013.  She got a Birthday Biscuit and a new rope toy, but the road trip to Brighthope Kennels yesterday was the big gift. 

I thought I'd start this post with a few pictures of baby Zoë.  She was the cutest thing - we forget how tiny she actually was back then:

Look at that face!!
Zoë and me

Who's been diggin' in the garden?

Goodnight Little Zoë

Arine and Dax enjoy some pool time
Shake it, Arine!!!

Arine takes an après swim stick break

Copper (Suede's son for those interested in lineage)

Happy Birthday Zoë!!  We love you!!

.......Stay tuned for more picnic fun!!

21 May 2013

How many sleeps...........

...... until the Picardy Picnic???

Brighthope Kennels hosts the Annual Picardy Picnic!!
Saturday, June 1, 2013, 11 am
Zoë and Coullah will be there... will you???
(Looking forward to seeing the Brighthope Blue Family)