22 April 2012

The story of Ripley... Believe it or not!!

It's always great to receive an email from other 'Blue' families and this one from Tina S was really intriguing!  

Western Maryland This mountainous region offers a cooler climate and severe winters.  "Ripley", a resuce dog, came from about 20 miles north in the area that they call “winter County”, which is Garrett County, Maryland. 

Ripley: A handsome Blue
Ripley is one of three rescue dogs in this family.  Tina explains that they didn't know what breed of dog he was until they searched the internet. She explains, "we found all of these dogs that looked AND acted like our Ripley.  He looks and acts exactly like you describe". 
Ripley (far right) and his friends definitely won the lottery!

Now 8 years old, Tina and her family named him 'Ripley' after looking through a book of baby names!

Ripley is a clown and a typical Blue!

Like all Blues, he is glued to Tina's side at all times and so defensive in the yard! He's a complete love-bug in the house and actually gets upset when Tina doesn't have time to snuggle in the mornings!

What Blue doesn't like a nice comfy bed??

"I would love to clone him!!!! I want a whole pack of them!!!"

Tina writes that she thinks "we have Blue’s running around in our state and nobody knows what they are"!

I want to thank Tina for sharing Ripley with me and rescuing him from a life of uncertainty.  It has been a real treat.  I am so pleased that this Blue found a home that want him and love him.  It breaks my heart that one of these rare dogs was needing to be 'rescued'.  For those who have purchased one of these wonderful dogs from a breeder, please remember that puppies are never perfect.  If you find yourself doubting your decision to have a puppy, please contact your breeder!  She or he would be more than happy to help you with your new Blue.  If you decide that you don't want the puppy, contact your breeder and return your puppy.  No kind, reputable breeder would want to see their dog abandoned or mistreated.

Thanks again for sharing Tina and feel free to send more shots of handsome Ripley for future posts!!

Keep those Blues coming!  Forward your Blue story and pictures to: zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

21 April 2012

Happy Anniversary Coullah!!

"we have a 10-month old female available for an approved home....."

These are the words that I read on the Brighthope Kennels website.  Kypros and I discussed it that very night and I contacted Vicki.  "Sure, come on up and see Coullah..."  And so it began.  We knew (and I'm pretty sure Vicki did too!) that Coullah would be coming home with us in a matter of weeks...so there it was April 21, 2011.....

It was one year ago today that we found ourselves driving back from Brighthope Kennels with a new Blue in tow.  Coullah took to her new home right away and there hasn't been a day go by (well, maybe the day she ate the corner off the coffee table!!) that we we don't comment to each other  at what a beautiful, sweet girl she is.  Zoë has been so happy since we brought Coullah in to our home and our hearts!!  Our two girls are inseparable and quite clearly the best of friends.

April 21, 2011: Coullah's first day at home

April 21, 2012:  Our beautiful Coullah

08 April 2012

A visit to Brighthope: Part 1 - Puppies!!

I received a call from my friend Kim Ratigan, "Hey, do you wanna go up to Brighthope and see the puppies??"  I didn't have to think twice, "Sure!! When do we go?"  So begins are roadtrip to Hanover to visit Vicki and the latest litter of pups.

We were fortunate enough to be there for the first time the puppies would be venturing outside.  We had a great visit with Vicki - including a great lunch.  We also got the opportunity to talk about the Blue Picardy Club and new ideas for the club - along with details for the upcoming picnic - hosting once again by Brighthope Kennels.

Keep in mind that this was a few weeks ago.  I'm happy to say that there's no longer any snow on the ground in Hanover.  Here's a few pictures of our day:

First steps outside under Vicki's watchful eyes
                                              Eying up their first hurdle

                                         What's all this cold, white stuff??

                                                 The photogenic Blue Picardy puppy

                                               Checking out their new outside world

                                                              The little observer

                                                          The puppies love Vicki!!

                                                                     Snack time!!!!

                                                           Back inside..... and

                                                            ...... ready for a nap

Stay tuned for Part 2.....