12 January 2013

What a beautiful day!!

With record high temperatures today, we took the girls for a long woodland walk - through forests, wild turkey habitats and over boardwalks we went.  Every so often, Zoë would scoop up bits of snow.  As much as she stayed off the beaten path, Coullah stayed by my side, completely content. 

Once home, both needed a bath.  Now, smelling quite lovely and sparkly clean, they're doing what they do after every bath.........

09 January 2013

Could these eyes get any more beautiful?

I was a very blessed recipient of a shiny, new Canon SLR this Christmas. What better way to test out my new toy than with Coullah's big amber eyes ....

08 January 2013

Thanks everyone!!

Just a quick Thank you for making this year's BPS Calendar a tail-wagging success!!!  Another BIG thanks to those that made repeat orders.  It tells us that you really thought it was something worth sharing with family and friends. Don't forget to send us your comments about the calendar- good and bad. We want to know - really.  Did you like this year's format or did you prefer last year's?? How about the size? Let us know at zoeandcoullah@gmail.com.

The Blue Picardy Club of Canada is, as you know, a start-up, not-for-profit group.   The BPS calendar has been our first project.  It is created by Yours Truly and my dear friend, Kim Ratigan (along with the support of our spouses).  We create your BPS calendar from a bunch of emailed images to a printed product (with the help of your pefectly posed pooches, of course!).  Proceeds from the 2013 calendar will go towards next year's calendar and other BPS events.  For instance, last year we helped fund the Annual Blue Picardy Picnic hosted by Brighthope Kennels.  Future plans for this non-profit group include:  group play dates - by city (our Blue family is expanding all the time!), a Club Newsletter (ambitious for sure!) and perhaps even official club status with the CKC.  We also love hearing from our International friends - keep the emails and pictures coming!!

Do you have any ideas for us??  We'd love to hear 'em! 


01 January 2013

Zoë's Tribute to Gus

It was two years ago last night, that we lost our handsome tabby.  Yesterday, I was changing the sheets on our bed and Zoë did something remarkably 'Gus-like'.  She jumped on the bed and ran to each corner while I was trying to put the fitted sheet on the bed - Gus would do that all the time.  He got a big kick out of making it as difficult as possible to make a bed! 

Once I got the fitted sheet on, Zoë stayed under the top sheet - just like what Gus use to do.  I think it was her little tribute to her cat companion.

We miss him too Zoë.  We miss him too.


Season's Greetings!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Zoë and Coullah!!!
(and me and Kypros too!!)