10 December 2010

Winter Woofstock: Recap

What can I say?  We packed up the Blue for a trip down to Winter Woofstock 2010 hoping for a fun-filled morning.

Not so much.

Although there were tons of people, there really wasn't much to do there.  It was just a sea of people retailing with their dogs in tow.  Don't get me wrong, I love retail - but not that much retail.  It was a huge event - but it was mostly doggie clothes, toys, treats, food.  Yes, all things for dogs and that's appropriate, but wow!!  Some of the more interesting booths belonged to those of the rescue associations and breed specific groups.

We checked out the fashion show (Zoë is not really into sequined pjs or tiaras!); there was a microchipping service ($30 per dog); pictures with Santa (a huge, frenzied line-up) - even someone selling subscriptions to local newspapers.  One mystery area was the VIP Lounge.  Not sure who or what you had to be to enter - but there wasn't anyone in there when we walked by!  Unfortunately, we also missed the Wiener Dog Race and the Running of the Pugs - sorry folks!!!

The most puzzling feature of Woofstock was the Doggie Daycare area.  I mean, why????

On a positive note, Kypros and I were very impressed with Zoë.  She doesn't have much experience with large groups of people, but we were very impressed with her.  She was good - so good in fact that we received compliments from complete strangers! Once they found out that she was still young, they were shocked at how well-behaved she was.  This confirms that Zoë is definitely a contender for Dog of the Year!

Benefits of attending?  We did get some great swag and Zoë did get a new collar from Hustle Up! and a tasty dog treat or two and a complimentary copy of the Toronto Star.  All in all, we spent about 2.5 hours at Woofstock and headed home.  Will we go next year?  Probably not to the Winter Woof - but we might check out Summer Woofstock.

So in conclusion, what's a blog post without pictures - here's a pictorial of our day at Woofstock (nothing exciting I'm afraid). 

Woofstock Promenade

At the Fashion Show: Skunk Couture?

Taking a Break

No pulling on-leash??  What!?!?!
How do I get out of here??

New crowd arriving
Fresh Air!!

"Home, James...I mean, Kypros"