28 June 2010

Zoë loves her Blue Suede Shoes


As promised, I've decided to dedicate a blog on Zoë's very handsome doggy dad, "Suede".  Although it was a very busy weekend - no, our Picardy did not paticipate in any rioting in the streets of Toronto!!  We did manage to keep very busy around the house.  Given the amount of rain we've had of late, our veggie garden has gone 'nuclear' and little weeds grew exponentially!!  Zoë helped garden as any veggie-loving pup would - as soon as I would pull a weed, our Blue would take it out and eat it!!  As I was pulling, she was by my side eating!!  I think she was in heaven!

Anyway, without further ado, here is a pictorial highlighting Blue "Suede" Shoes.  Check out those crazy Picardy tongues.  Just try to get a stately picture! Hope you enjoy!!!

Father and Daughter

 Handsome Suede

Kisses for Dad 

Picnic in the Park

Who invited the Terrier to the party?

Ferocious Boy-eating Picardies

20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

A couple of weeks ago, the Ratigan clan joined us at an Oakville leash-free for a little pre-dinner play-session. 

We all came to a unanimous conclusion that Zoë has her mom's looks and her dad's wacky personality!!  Like father like daughter!!  Look at those crazy Picardy tongues!!!

It is always great to see father and daughter together and we hope to make it a regular meeting.  They'll be more about Suede in an upcoming post. 

Happy Father's Day Suede!!!

And to Zoë's human Daddy:

It is so great to see the bond developing between Kypros and Zoë.  All of Zoë's kisses and morning snuggle greetings are becoming part of our routine.  One thing that she'll do with Kypros and not with me is lick his toes.... now, you might be repulsed by this, or you might not, but regardless, she is head over heels in love with Kypros and is most definitely Daddy's girl!!

It seems like it was just yesterday.....

15 June 2010

Welcome to the *New* Blue Blog

Greetings all!

Given that our Blue is over a year now, I thought I'd change up the format. 

Hope you like it and stay tuned for some special Father's Day posts!!!

03 June 2010

It's Pool Season

Swimming, swimming in my swimming pool,
When days are hot,
When days are cold,
In my swimming pool!
Breaststroke, sidestroke, fancy diving too,
Oh don't you wish that you could swim in my swimming pool!!!

What do you get a Picardy when she turns 1?  A pool of course!!  

I attempted to post a video, but the file was just too big.  That's unfortunate as the sight of our little Blue jumping around in her kiddy pool is just too much.

Does she love it?

You Betcha!!!!