28 September 2015

Wow! Long time no post!!!

So much to post!  So behind... where to start??  2015 Picardy Picnic?  June's Adventures?  Dapper at the Dog Show?  How about this.........

2016 Blue Picardy Club Calendars!!!

Yes!!  It's (past) that magical time of year when we begin putting the calendars together.  So... please send us your photos!  As always, please avoid phone shots.  They just plain don't work!   For those of you at the 2015 Picnic... we may have a shot to send your way... just let me know.  However, your own photos are always best - you know your Blues way better than we do! 

So get those cameras working!!

Please send your favourite photos to: zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

Coullah and Dax are waiting for your photos!!