27 August 2015

June: The Blue Nomad

As Coullah spends her days in and around home in Hamilton, her sister June has become quite the traveller.  From North Carolina to New Mexico and beyond, June and her humans have been experiencing some of the most gorgeous countryside that the US has to offer.  Over the next few posts, I'll be featuring just a few of June's adventures.  A big thanks to Erika for sharing... xo

In the meantime, I couldn't resist sharing this video.  Here is June running through a field of Blue Bonnets in Austin, TX.  A Blue in blue bonnets.....


20 August 2015

The 'Right' Coast

In July we travelled out to Nova Scotia for 7 amazing days in July.  Kypros and I both fell in love with the Province and plan on returning for an extended stay.  From Lunenburg to Brier Island... to the place we called home, Broad Cove.  It was a wonderful week. 

Although we didn't take Zoë and Coullah, we were still in the company of two fine Blues:  3 month old Schooner and 14 year old Quinn.  Here are just a couple photos of the boys:

Very Handsome!

 Broad Cove Ocean Stroll


On a personal note:  Again, thank you so much for your travel tips, hospitality, ... and above everything else, your friendship.  We truly enjoyed our time in the Cove and are looking forward to spending a lot more time on the Southshore!   

To everyone else:  If you find yourself on the Lighthouse Route, please do visit  Best Coast Coffee Gallery,  located in beautiful downtown Broad Cove, Nova Scotia.  You will not be disappointed! 


Did we hear what we think we heard??

Time11am until all the Blues are tired. 
LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED by our gracious hosts, Vicki and Dave Duncan 
Check back here for any updates. If planning on attending, please contact Brighthope or let Zoë and Coullah (and Dax) know.