20 February 2013

Zoë and Coullah Entertain Sascha...

Our wonderful dog walker, Amy (Barks and Parks) has been Zoë and Coullah's best buddy since Crystal left for maternity leave.  The girls *love* Amy and enjoy her visits.  Like Crystal, Amy often brings a couple of other dogs over to walk with the girls.  The latest addition is "Sascha" a German Short-hair Pointer.

The other day, the girls entertained Sascha on their own turf - even Coullah was a perfect hostess!  Photos are compliments of Amy:

Coullah puts the brakes on!

"No Zoë, I tell you... it was THIS big"
Sascha holds court, Zoë and Coullah listen intently


18 February 2013

Happy Family Day

It's so nice to have a long weekend - extra long for me!  I decided to give myself a little break and stay home for a couple extra days - just me, Zoë and the "Coulls"..... 


10 February 2013

Our Grindstone Grind

We were blessed with another sunny day today and decided we couldn't miss the opportunity to take the girls to Waterdown Wetland Trails for a trail walk along Grindstone Creek.  It's a beautiful space, forests, boardwalks - even a turkey habitat.  Once we got off the paved area, I decide to let Coullah choose our path today.  Of course she took us off-roading!!  Off the beaten path so to speak - knee deep snow winded through the trees, over logs....
She was on the scent of something and was incredible focussed.  If anyone has ever seen the movie The Fugitive... well, it was like we were on the trail of an escaped convict!!  The whole experience completely tired her out - and us - and Zoë.   Near the end of our walk, Zoë just plopped down in a big snow drift, contently eating snow - she was DONE!  Coullah, as always, was ready for her next big adventure!!  Next time, I think we might let Zoë choose!!

08 February 2013

Flamborough - Snow Country!!!!!

We knew it was coming.  Some naysayers said, "Nah...it won't happen...."  But guess what?  It did!!!  Hah!!  It hit hard - whiteouts, high winds, lots of fluffy, puffy flakes - over a foot of the white stuff - closer to two feet actually.  No snowplows in sight!! 

Kypros and I spent the day tucked inside the house, fireplace a cracklin', the snow storm raging outside.  Zoë and Coullah had other ideas though.....It's no secret that Zoë loves snow  - the deeper the better. 

The next two shots were taken about 10 minutes apart.  We think she might be part Husky.....

On a regular basis throughout the day, both girls spent considerable time outside - although Coullah seemed to enjoy herself outside, she was just as comfy playing and relaxing by the fireplace inside.   Here's a few pics I was able to take - without setting foot outside of the house. 

Zoë:  Our beautiful Snow Dog

Coullah uses her built in windshield wiper!! 
Zoë wanders through the pines

Coullah poses for a snowy portrait

Zoe: Just chillin'

At the end of a snowy romp, what does the smart Blue do??

Stay tuned for more winter fun!!!  Tomorrow:  The Big Dig-out......

03 February 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Although Zoë and Coullah are Ravens fans (as is Kypros), I'm a Bengals fan - but hey, I guess I can jump on the Ravens bandwagon for the day!  GO RAVENS!!!