23 September 2011

Updates and absences and a big Congrats!!

Hi everyone!

Things have been topsy-turvy here. But a personal message first:
Congratulations Linda!!!   

It's been quite some time since I've posted and since all has been quiet on the Blog, I guess it's time to provide more information about Coullah's sister, June.  The funny part is that the Blog gets regular readership worldwide, but sadly, no one has even viewed the last post about June....   Tell me why everyone!!!  Comments are appreciated as always...

But, despite the lack of viewership, I do have some great shots of her - compliments of Erika, so too bad!!!  These are way to perfect to not share.  The cuteness factor is over the top, so beware......

Early days at her Forever Home

No comment required

Night time in her play pen

Goodnight to everyone and stay tuned for more fabulous shots of the very photogenic June!

02 September 2011

Let's meet June!

It's always fun to hear from a member of our extended Brighthope family and as luck would have it, Erika posted a comment on my blog.

Erika and her husband just happen to have one of Coullah's sisters.  Brighthope's Seismic June, or "June" as she is known, currently lives in Michigan and, according to Erika is the talk of the town!  Matter of fact, she believes that her BPS is the only one in the State.  I don't doubt it one bit!

Over the next few posts I'll be introducing you, in pictures, to June aka "Puppy Number 5".  For those of you who have read Coullah's history, she was "Puppy Number 6" - which makes June her big sis!

Early days

Photos compliments of Brighthope Kennels

Little did June know that she would soon be going to her forever home in Michigan.........

To be continued next post.