23 November 2011

2012 Calendars are (almost) here!!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long delay in posts, but Kypros and I have been super busy moving and trying to organize our lives.  So far, we are very pleased with our choice to leave the city behind.

For those waiting to hear - the 2012 BPS calendars have been printed and look phenomenal!!  We're just finalizing the ordering information page on the BPS Club of Canada site and then it'll be ready to roll.  All will be ready in plenty of time for holiday gift giving, so no worries there.  I think everyone will be very pleased with their photos!!

A billion thanks to everyone who contributed a photo or two - your efforts are greatly appreciated by the BPS Club.

I'll be posting an announcement here when the calendar ordering page is ready along with ongoing updates on Zoë and Coullah's big move to the country.

Here's a great shot - compliments of Kim Ratigan.  The day before we moved we had the girls stay with Kim, Pat, Terry, Suede and Dax for an overnighter.  Kim managed to get this great shot of the four Blues:

Left to right: Dax, Suede, Coullah and Zoë