27 June 2011

Part 2: Coullah and the Gang!

Where did we leave off?  Well, after Vicki presented Dapper to the audience, various other breeds were presented as well - afterall, we had to give others the chance didn't we!?!?!  Of course, we were all biased, but there were most definitely some very handsome dogs at French Breeds Day at Pawsway - some of the other invited breeds included:

Dogue de Bordeaux aka the French Mastif

The Briard

The French Spaniel

Our girls sat quietly watching the show - check out the 'hand-holding' - so sweet!!

Dax snuggled in with Kim to watch the parade of breeds:

Dapper relaxes with Kypros
Dapper will be entering the competition ring over the next few days - his "makeover" is compliments of his handler.  Very handsome Dapper!  Best of luck in the ring!!!! 

Coullah loved visiting Ciron!  Vicki told me that all the pups seem to gravitate towards him.  It must be his calm demeanor and Kingly manner that all the pups find comfort in.

Ciron:  The King of Brighthope Kennels

Blues News

Hold the date!!!  Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brighthope Families!!!   Please plan to attend the 2nd Annual Blue Picardy Picnic!!  Version 2.0 is back bigger and better!!  This is a great opportunity to meet the rest of your new BPS 'family,' reunite your pup with their doggie family and kick back and enjoy Brighthope Kennels and the amazing generosity of your hosts, Vicki and Dave Duncan.  Not all breeders are as caring about their dogs, folks - let alone invite everyone back on an annual basis! 

Do you have a Picture Perfect Picardy???   

Do you have the best looking Brighthope Blue?  Your new BPS club will be creating a 2012 calendar of Brighthope Blues.

Shortly, we will be asking for photo submissions (guidelines to follow) Everyone will be asked to vote for their favourite photo - winners will be featured in a 2012 calendar.  Stay-tuned for details! 

Next blog post:  how many Blues did we have at our house????? 

26 June 2011

Part One: Coullah and the Gang!!

This weekend, Brighthope Kennels and it's "fan club" hit Pawsway - Harbourfront, Toronto.  The Duncans were invited to participate in a show highlighting the French breeds.  The fan club - Kim, Pat, Terry, Kypros and I also headed down avec our dogs to promote this wonderful breed.  Here are a few picture highlights of our day at the water:

Heading to Harbourfront!

Brighthope Kennels: Vicki and Dave Duncan
(Smile, Dave!!!!)

Dapper looking, well.... dapper!!

Vicki takes the floor and presents "Dapper" to the audience

Some of the Brighthope gang!

(L to R): Suede, Dax, Zoë, Coullah and Ciron
Their people: Pat, Kim, Kypros and Terry.

Ciron's moment to shine

Stay tuned for more adventures from our day along with an upcoming Special Event for Brighthope families!!!!

Is your Blue Picardy picture perfect!?!?!?!?!?  Details to follow....

23 June 2011

Yes, sir that's our baby!!

 "Puppy #6"......

Is now 1 Year Old!!!!


22 June 2011

It's officially Summer!!

Livin' is easy under a big old willow
Summer at the leash-free is generally great!  Zoë has always enjoyed the park before the grass is cut for the first time.  This seems to go for Coullah as well.  Both of them have loved bouncing through the long grasses.  Now that the city has cut the grass, our Blues still continue 'perimeter' checks of the property, but I guess it just no longer holds that mysterious appeal!

There isn't much shade at the park.  Matter of fact, it can be down right desert-like on blistering hot and humid days.

Zoë and Coullah love the shade of an old willow tree at the far end of the park - it's a good resting spot in between rounds of wrestling!

Coullah - not so cool
Our doggies always tell us when they've had enough time in the heat.  They're more than happy to head home and lounge in the backyard or in the cool of the house.

Coullah looks much 'cooler' at home in the backyard

Stay tuned for a special celebration and some exciting summer fun at Harbourfront, Toronto!!!