28 October 2012

It's that time of year

What a rainy, miserable day!  It seems like its been raining for days!  Mother Nature must be making up for that dry summer that we had.  This week will be no drier as Hurricane Sandy delivers more of the wet stuff all week.  Fantastic!   Niagara Falls has absolutely nothing on us!!!

Calendar Update:  Great news all!  We have proofed and double-proofed the calendar and will be going to print very shortly.  The 2013 BPS calendar features a more 'classic' calendar look and will include holidays for both Canada and the US.  We have some absolutely superb photos this year and I think you'll all be very pleased with this amazing stocking stuffer!  Details regarding availability and price will be posted soon. 

Anyhow, pool season is most definitely over and we sadly closed the pool a couple of weeks ago.  We were hoping on having that final swim of the season, but no such luck.   It sure was great that we had so much help from Zoe and Coullah.......as Kypros works....

The girls supervise the work (every job needs at least one supervisor, right?)

 I'm making them look bad, its true, they did help........

Keeping an eye on the equipment

Unfolding the pool cover

With such a helpful team, who needs to hire professionals!?!?!