23 October 2014

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

This is not a usual blog post, but it is a necessary one....

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24 of Hamilton was gunned down yesterday while on honorary guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.  Nathan leaves behind a young son and his dogs.  Witness reports state that the gunman raised his arms in triumph when Cpl. Cirillo fell. 

Solider, son, father, animal rescuer... Rest in Peace, Cpl. Cirillo

22 October 2014

It's Construction Season

Leave it to us to undertake a large reno just a couple months before Christmas!  Although we are excited about the end product... a brand new kitchen!!... living through the noise, plastic, dust and overall complete chaos will be challenging.  Afterall, we know what's in store when its done.  But what about Zoë and Coullah... how are they handling all of this activity?

Coullah hates it - plain and simple.  She stays clear of the construction crew and avoids the area completely.  Zoë on the other hand, wants to meet and greet the guys,  investigate the new space and offer a helpful comment or two during discussions.  Always with that perpetual grin!  She is the project manager of this job and often stays close to the construction site in case she is needed. 

Coullah prefers to peak at the activity from afar...


13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Zoë, Dax, Suede and Coullah want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving weekend