28 January 2014

Brighthope Picnic date announced!!!

Hi all,

By the time you dig yourself out of all this snow, it'll be time for the 2014 Brighthope Blue Picardy Picnic!!

Our gracious hosts, Vicki and Dave Duncan have announced that this year the big event will be held on Saturday, June 7th, 2014.

For the humans, its a great day in the country to catch up with friends and acquaintances.  For the Blues...lets just think...

....wide open fenced spaces for long runs,  the famous wooded Picardy Park for investigation, trolling for dropped picnic goodies...  of course they all have a great time!!

Please hold the date!!! We would love to see you!!   And, hey, even if you don't have a Blue.. but are considering adding one to your family, this is a great opportunity to meet 20 or so, meet Vicki and Dave and host your own Q & A session with all the Blue families there!!


01 January 2014

Happy New Year!

What a memorable New Years Eve!  We planned a great meal last night - cedar blank salmon with tarragon and butter, Israeli couscous and an incredible Caesar salad.... but nature didn't cooperate and off went our power - AGAIN!!!!!  Out came the generator and the candles.  It was incredibly cold last night too.  We ended up going for crappy take-out pizza!  Yum!!!  The power was out from 4:30 until 11PM - came on briefly and was out until 2:00am. I think  we were out hauling wood for our fireplace when the classic ball dropped in Times Square.  Fantastic! 

But that's so last year.  On this 1st day of 2014, we sit (with power) watching two Winter Classics:

Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs....Go Leafs!!!!

Our Snow Dog: Zoë