31 January 2012

Blue TV

Does your Blue like watching television?

Ours do!  Any type of show featuring animals gets their attention.  Coullah and Zoë watched an episode of 'The Nature of Things', featuring a special on animal cognition.  Both were fascinated by prairie dogs, running lemurs and of course, wolves and dogs.  Coullah will go right up to the TV and press her nose against the flatscreen (Kypros loves that!!!).  Zoë will tilt her head to one side to listen. 

If we're watching anything where there's a dog barking - both of them will immediately go running around the house, to look out the windows looking for this mystery dog.... hmmm...we can't smell another dog.... but it must be here somewhere........

Our favourite show:  Blue TV of course!!  Check out the show!!

Erika writes that June also loves watching animals on TV. Especially horses and birds. She can be in a dead sleep and if there is a horse in a scene of a show, she will perk up and watch intently. She had a really funny reaction to a crow on tv recently. It flew off screen, toward a window near the tv, so she ran over to the window to see where it went.

Is June doing a little bird watching???

Does your Blue like watching TV???  Write Zoë and Coullah at zoeandcoullah@gmail.com  Don't be shy!! 

Next post - Picardy snow toes:  To trim or not to trim

30 January 2012

Welcome home humans!!!

After a long day at work, we love to go home to our Blues, right?  How does your Blue greet you??


The Blue Tornado!  Zoë is a bundle of energy when we arrive home.  With major tail-wagging and a smiley face, the minute we walk in, she turns into a little Blue tornado.  She'll start spinning around in circles - right through the laundry room and into the kitchen.

Once we have our coats off its time for a celebration!  Zoe will grab her squeeky football and run around making noise to herald our grand return.

The final piece of the greeting - she'll wait until we're seated and nuzzle her face into us - almost turning into a ball - she likes the backs of her hind legs rubbed as she nuzzles and snorts - and until interrupted by Coullah!!


The Happy Babbler!  As we close the garage and make our way through the breezeway, we hear Coullah talking - it really is a babble!  All of this singing and yipping and moaning!!!  It's really hard to describe.  All of this one doggy orchestra is accompanied by prancing and dancing and jumping. 

Stage two - Coullah will grab a chewie toy - usually a nylabone and run upstairs to await us.  This whole time she's babbling - but won't drop her bone.

Stage three - standing on the bed with her nyla in her mouth, she'll place her front feet on my shoulders all the while humming.  She's expecting a nice back scratch and tummy rub.


The Happy HuggerErika writes: "June loves to run up to us when we come home and put her head/shoulders between our knees for a squeeze - we call it getting a "hug". She cries with joy and does figure 8s around our legs" But June loves everyone! According to Erika, she also does this to strangers at the dog park. "She will also walk up between two strangers standing together at the park and sit down, silently watching whatever they are watching until they notice her between them".

How does your Blue say "Howdy do?"
Write Zoë and Coullah - don't forget to send a picture! 

29 January 2012

Winter trail walk adventure

A couple of weeks ago, Kypros and I packed up the girls for a winter trail walk.  We had recently discovered a conservation area only a short drive from our house and thought we'd take the girls up there to check it out - we weren't disappointed!!!  We'll definitely return - and can't wait until the summer to see what our new wildness fun park has to offer.  Here are some pics:

Wanna go on a trail walk??  You bet!!
Headin' out!
... and ready to roll!

We arrive at our destination!

Exploring streams (on leash, of course!)
As much as we'd like to let the girls off leash - at this point on our walk, there are way too many opportunities for getting into creeks, streams and ponds.  Great for summer, but not so great in January!

Finally!! Of leash and ready to explore

Zoë and Coullah in their element
Happy trails

Look at the joy on Coullah's face!

On the hunt - check out Zoë on point (right)
Could they be happier??

Zoë takes a break

Prepping the Frog Pond
We discovered that the Frog Pond is used as a skating rink in the winter.  Local residents volunteer to shovel it off.  Kypros and I took a walk out and it was perfectly smooth - I believe a private skate is in our future.  Wow!  With no one around, it's incredible that such a great little spot is just a 5 minute drive away!

Heading back to the truck
Ready to head home

Stay tuned for next post!  More littermate stories.........

28 January 2012

Brighthope weighs in on sleeping dogs

Hi all,

On reading the post about our sleeping pups, Vicki  wrote: "Sleeping on their backs starts very young, these guys will be 3 weeks old tomorrow".  Thanks for the photo, Vicki!!

Some of the newer members of the Brighthope Family

In regards to curling in the front paws when relaxing, Vicki says that definitely Ciron curls in his front paws and Ciron and Reign are half brothers. Marne usually sleeps with her head on her front legs but they are are not curled.

So for those of you who are interested in lineage - it's interesting to note that our littermates even have some traits of the magestic Ciron!

Blue Gargoyles!

22 January 2012

Who's who???

Of course, Erika!!  You are correct! 

Puppy #5: June

Puppy #6:  Coullah


June was born minutes before Coullah... wonder who was is puppy #7?? 

We know that our littermates have many similarities.  How about this one?  When Coullah lies down, she turns her two front paws inwards and rests her head on top of them.  Let's hear from littermates.... has anyone else noticed any quirky BPS'isms???

21 January 2012


Wow!!!   I'm always in wonder at how similar our Blues are.  Erica wrote that her BPS June sits like Coullah all the time.  Matter of fact, when I read the comment (see Part 3: Suede and Dax come for a visit) I felt like it was written about Coullah.  It made me smile when I read the comment about how June sits at the top of the stairs, deciding whether its worth her while to come down.  Coullah does *exactly* the same thing!  She sits there to sit and ponder - and if she smells food - especially the peanut butter jar opening.... then down she runs!    We actually had to put a rug at the bottom of the staircase as Coullah wasn't able to make the turn into the kitchen at such high speeds!! 

 June and Coullah:  Can you tell who's who???  

16 January 2012

Our "Z" catches some "Z's"

I received a comment from Debbie.  She confirms that her BPS, Ember, sits just like Coullah!  We thought that it was so funny when she first starting doing it - Zoë of course, doesn't sit like that, but like Ember, she likes to spend alot of time on her back - hind legs splayed open, tail wagging and usually accompanied by a goofy grin.  Debbie says that Ember does that while the family sits at the table and eats.  Haha!!  Not Zoë! 

Our 'more mature' Blue saves that for relaxing on the sofa or cuddled up in blankets on the bed.  She might start off curled up in a ball or on her side, but almost always ends up on her back, snoring away!

Sleeping Zoë:
Rolled up in a ball....
Completely relaxed.....

Almost on her side.....

Completely stretched out......

Getting real comfy now....

Ta-Da!!!  Look at that belly!!!!

But, hey, let's just take a step back in time. Zoë's first day home..............
Does this look familiar??

Forget the actual dog bed.... she'll take the puppy blankets!!

15 January 2012

Suede and Dax come for a vist: Part 3

How do we know when Coullah is ready for nap??  She sits.  "Coullah style"!!
I would love to hear from anyone else that has a one of Coullah's littermates...does your BPS sit like this??  I love this shot of her!  Who knows?  You might just see it on the 2013 BPS Club calendar!!!!

As soon as our little 'Cools' takes a seat from a play session, we know that nap time isn't far away.  That's when we decided to call everyone in for snuggles, dinner and nap time.

Dax tucks in for a nap
Suede cozies up with a sleeping Dax

Sleepy Zoë

Night, night, Coullah!!

Blankets and Blues everywhere
 Bon Nuit everyone!!

13 January 2012

All in the family

Before I post Part 3 of the weekend sleepover, I've had a question from Erica about lineage. 
Brighthope's Aftershock "Coullah"

Our smallest Blue was born on June 23, 2010.  Coullah's parents are:

Shireoak Eye of the Storm "Marne"
Now officially, retired from breeding, Marne is enjoying her leisure time at Brighthope Kennels and Picardy Park.  She is a gentle, friendly girl and apparently quite the "bowl licker"!!!  Vicki and Dave know that with her sweet disposition, she has easily become the perfect Ambassador for the breed.

CH. Brighthope Free Reign "Reign"
Photo:  Brighthope Kennels
Reign was the "pick puppy" from the Suede/Dani litter born in May 2008.  A very handsome guy, he  attained his Canadian Championship in 2009. Reign's favourite pass time is a good game of  "sticks". 
I find that I can see both Marne and Reign in Coullah.  I see the gentle, quiet of Marne - along with that beautiful face with those beautful eyes.  Coullah's love of carrying sticks and other objects around is just like Reign.  As she matures, I look see more of her doggie parents in her every day.  My question is:  Which one is the babbling talker!?!?!?!?

Brighthope Nola's New Life Zoë
Born May 25, 2009, Zoë is our original Blue.  Her parents:

Alexcyril Gamboling Granola "Nola"
Beautiful Nola.  We are so lucky to have met her.  Her time on earth was way too short, but boy oh boy, was she loved by Dave and Vicki.  She will never be forgotten. 

CH. Brighthope Blue Suede Shoes "Suede"
Born April 21, 2006.  Suede is not only Zoë's dad, but Reign's dad as well and therefore, Coullah's Granddad.  He is one handsome Blue and a real sweetheart!  Zoë gets much of her personality from Suede  - along with the smiley face look.  Both of them all usually all tongue and always look very pleased about something.  Like Suede, Zoë turns in circles when we come home after work, is always on the lookout for squirrels.  They are a real father/daughter team!

In March 2009, Suede obtained his Canadian Conformation Championship - so I guess Reign comes by his Championship quite naturally.

As a side note... I believe that Zoe's aunt, Phoenix, lives in California and is a  lovable member of Sweetwater Kennels.

If only we could all have one big family reunion!!!!

12 January 2012

Suede and Dax come for a visit - Part 2

Most of the fun happened in our backyard.  All four Blues ran across the property, back and forth, chasing each other and stopping to occasionally sniff the air.  There was also lots of activity in the trees - all kept their beautiful brown eyes open for squirrels and birds.

Are Dax and Suede preparing to duel over our girls??

Where are the girls hiding now??

Zoë's perfect day:  Sun and wood

Kypros tries to get all four to sit - only Suede does!

Backyard mayhem

After lots of fun in the sun, the Blues were ready for some down time.  Stay tuned for Part 3.....