29 November 2010


Dear Rocky,

It's been days since I've seen you.  I've been to the leash-free on the weekends, but haven't seen you there.....I miss you!!!



27 November 2010

Winter Woofstock 2010: November 27-28

What a perfect day for Winter Woofstock!! 

Held annually each summer in Toronto, this year, dogs are lucky enough to get a Winter Woofstock as well.  This past summer was way too warm to take Zoë - she hated the hot, humid days.  The winter woof is held indoors (on the CNE Grounds). 

As it's the prime gift giving season, Woofstock has a ton of vendors offering a variety of fun and practical services, toys, fashion, treats and accessories made exclusively for dogs.  Just in time for retailing!!!!!

Prime events include the "Wiener Dog Race" and the "Running of the Pugs".  Neither of much interest to our Blue, but it should be fun for us nonetheless!  There is a full schedule of events for each day on-line for anyone interested.

Where's Woofstock??  Heritage Court and Hall F in the Direct Energy Centre,Exhibition Place, Toronto.

Stay tuned for pictures!!

24 November 2010

If it looks like a hunting dog....

..... it probably is a hunting dog.

As most of you know by now, this breed is indeed a true blue (pardon the pun!) hunting dog.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), Zoë has never hunted - except for bees and flies.  She has also taken more than a passing interest in squirrels as well.  Fortunately for the squirrels, she can't climb trees!!

So, in the spirit of 'hunting' and all things 'Field & Stream', we like to take Zoë on forest and trail walks - leash-free whenever possible.  The latest was to the Etobicoke Valley for a walk on the wild side!

Mud + Water + Trees = 1 Happy Blue

On High Alert

Zoë in her element

The Classic Stance


Muddy and wet - a perfect leash-free experience

Ready for a nap (and a bath!)

18 November 2010

Gus and Zoë: The Best of Frenemies

Zoë and Gus have a very interesting relationship.  Kypros and I use to think that Gus hated Zoë ('hate' is kind of strong, but if you saw them together....).  We used to make incredible effort to reprimand Zoë for 'picking' on Gus. I mean, look at him... he's so cute and small....ahhhh....look at him people!!  He's a cutie-patootie!!

But, now, we're beginning to see their relationship from a different angle......

You lookin' at me???

Gus actually amuses himself with Zoë.  Yes, he is old; yes, he is a cat; yes, he weighs about 50 lbs less than Zoë, but his ego is gigantic and he is a regular Kitty Galore.... conniving!  He actually enjoys his run-ins with his "puppy sister".  He even goes in search of her -just last night, Zoë was crashed out. Gus approached and when Zoë ignored him, he slapped her in the muzzle.  Our Blue continued to ignore him , so what did Gus do? 

He slapped her again - twice, in quick succession.  Still no reaction from the Blue, just maybe a glance.  So Gus just trotted away, tail in the air, ego intact.

Zoë, on the other hand, just wants to be friends with Gus.  She thinks all of his slapping and hissing means "I love you"!  She follows him around, sticks her nose in his hair (which he hates) and just watches his every move. 

Captured on camera, this rare moment shows the 'frenemies' sharing a very messy bed (compliments of Zoë).

Last weekend, we had two of them out in the backyard, all went well, until Zoë took her rawhide over to show Gus.  Gus quickly moved behind the roses and well...

Watch for yourselves:

Disclaimer: No tabbies were harmed in the making of this video!

07 November 2010

Bagel, anyone?

Well, its getting brisk at the dog park - but not brisk enough to freeze the muddy perimeter!  Our Blue loves this area and tries hard to get other dogs to follow her down.  There are those brave few that follow, such as Rocky:

One dirty American Bulldog!

Rocky loves running down to the perimeter, but I think sometimes, he forgets that he will eventually have to run back UP the hill.  On a side note, for some weird reason, Rocky ends up sliding in dog poop more than any other dog I know at the park. (Thanks to those who don't scoop!!) Poor Rocky, he's not a fan of the bathtub!

Zoë has recently found another partner in crime, Bagel!! 

Bagel is a 'hound' adopted from the local animal services.  She is a lovely dog - full of energy and very friendly.  The thing about Bagel is that she has really long legs - much longer than Zoë, so despite the fact that she followed the Blue into the murkey trenches, only one dog emerged caked with mud:

One sparkling clean Bagel and one very dirty Zoë 
 After this romp with Bagel, Zoe was ABSOLUTELY filthy.  Caked and slimy with mud, we loaded her into the SUV and promptly carried her into the house and straight into the bathtub.  Although she likes being bathed, this one tested her patience!  She had to be rinsed twice before we got any shampoo on her.  The mud just rolled off her - from nose to tail.  Zoë is always so happy with herself when she's filthy and smelly, so this bath did not go over very big at all and she was very intolerant of the blowdry!

Although this won't be a popular thing to say, I can't wait until the ground freezes (and neither can Rocky!!)