21 August 2012

Fun with Friends

Zoë and Coullah have had friends accompany them on their daily walks.  Today was no exception.  Crystal brought along three dogs today and all got along fabulously!   Great job, Crystal!!  All five look completely tuckered out!

Zoë, Coullah, Logan, Indie and Scout (photo: Parks & Barks)

12 August 2012

Love will take you furthest.......

As I sit here and watch the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, I happened to take a bit of a break from all the action and found a beautiful story on line. 

A Wisconsin man, John Unger is seen gently cradling his 19-year-old dog, Schoep (a Shepherd mix) in Lake Superior.  Schoep suffers from arthritis and his advanced condition has made it difficult for the aging canine to get any rest.  To ease his pain and help him relax, Unger started taking his best buddy out into the warm water. The gentle rocking motion acts as a sort of therapy and allows Schoep to grab some much-needed shuteye. 

The photographer, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, stated, "I want people to identify with this photo, and remember a time when they felt safe, loved, and cared for".   

According to the posting, Unger and his fiancée rescued Schoep when the Shepherd mix was an eight-month-old pup.  Schoep had been abused by his former male owner and Unger told the Duluth News Tribune that it took close to a year before the dog was able to trust him.

When orignally posted by Hudson, the photo inspired many people to donate towards Schoeps expensive medical care. 

Give a big hug and extra cuddles to your doggies tonight people!  They are "safe, loved and cared for".

06 August 2012

Guess who's back at the beach??

No one loves the beach life more than June!  Thanks to her very accommodating humans, Coullah's Michigan-based sister is lovin' the sand and surf!  Unlike her sister, Coullah has absolutely zero interest in the wet stuff.  She jumped into the pool after Zoë one hot afternoon and although Zoë swam like an Olympian, Coullah was thrashing and splashing - with a little help from Kypros, she got out of the pool none worse the wear.   June clearly loves all things water - much like her Aunt Zoë.