05 September 2016

Introducing our newest family member...

Many would shake their heads and claim that we were completely nuts for even considering yet another dog.  But we have never been too worried about what others think.  We forged ahead with our plan, without having a timeline in mind - but when I met this guy, it was love at first cuddle....

Our new boy was born April 22, 2015.  He is the son of `Dapper`and `Arine`.... and for Erika... he is `Puppy Number 5`.   Temperment:  Wow!!  Absolutely spectacular!!  Zoë and Coullah are wonderful, but Finn is the sweetest, most affectionate dog EVER!  He takes snuggles seriously and loves curling up on the sofa with us, giving gentle kisses and will follow Kypros and I everywhere.  He is beautifully obedient (shout out to Katelyn for all her work!).  We think that we`ll take him for more classes and perhaps he can become a CKC Canine Good Neighbour!  He certainly has the smarts for it!

His name:  Well... it WAS Travers.  But we changed it to `Finn`.  He started coming to his new name on his second day with us... and no, he wasn`t coming to `Finn, Come` just plain old Finn.  

Love at first snuggle - 2015

Annual Picardy Picnic - September 2015

On the move at Brighthope!

His new sisters:  Well, that has gone very, very well.  Zoë and Coullah are very easy-going dogs and have made their new `bro`feel very welcome.  All is good - as evidenced below..
Nap time on the sofa  (L to R: Zoë, Finn, Coullah)

Our Finn today!  So handsome... just like his Daddy....
Thank you Vicki, for yet ANOTHER beautiful Blue from Brighthope Kennels!!