13 February 2011

Isn't it Romantic??

Roses? Nope.
Chocolates in a heart-shaped box?  Nope.
Chewie-Frisbee ring?

....You betcha!!!!!!

"Will you be mine, Zoë?"


10 February 2011

Winter in the Blue Zone

Although we've all been told it'll be an early spring - by weather specialists and groundhogs alike, it's hard to believe.  It's been absolutely frigid......it's freezing folks!!!  When out at the dog park, or just out for a neighbourhood walk, it's double-socks, parka and long-johns as a rule...well of course unless your a Blue Picardy Spaniel.  Like a day at the beach, here are a few shots of Zoë enjoying her favourite season.

What a pretty girl!!!

Deep concentration

The original four-wheel drive

Helping the city surveyors

Stay tuned for a special Valentine's Day post!

06 February 2011

Knock! Knock! Who's there??

Well, we told her about it all week, but if she understood us, she kept her excitement to herself....


Boys and their toys

On a recently cold winter night, Tracy, Rob and Rocky came over for pizza and to watch the Leaf game.  When the doorbell rang, Zoë ran to the door - she was practically 'snoopy dancing' when she saw Rocky!!  It was difficult to get Tracy and Rob into the house with all the puppy prancing!

The dogs behaved themselves surprisingly well, spending most of their time wrestling and playing with all of Zoë's toys. 

Rob points out the difference between beer and hot sauce to Rocky as Zoë grins on

Pizza brought both dogs over for a bit of tasty crust, then back to chillin' with some rawhide.    

Waiting for pizza crust

It was a perfect date night for the American Bulldog and the Blue Picardy. Both are looking forward to 'next time'.

Just happy to be together
FYI Rocky:  Valentine's Day is right around the corner, big guy!!!!  (Hint...hint)

02 February 2011

A Blue Genius!

Rarely, if ever, have I written two posts in one night, but tonight, Kypros and I were flabbergasted at how intelligent our Blue is.  Through the posts, you might have guessed that Zoë could be easily labelled as sweet, lovable and goofy.  We always thought that being a purebred hunting dog, she's no IQ slouch, but honestly, while writing the post about Dax, she did something, that to us, was nothing short of genius.

The Love Affair with Rawhide

Zoë loves rawhide chews.

She can sit down and have a chew for an hour or so at a time.  There are a bunch of butt-ends hiding all around the house - inside and out.  She has her favourites and will hide them safely out of our reach.  Before she decides to chill out for a while, she'll go and find her favourite 'hide, bringing it to wherever we are and lay down for a little chew.

The problem?  She knows where the new bag of rawhides is kept and prefers to have a fresh, new rawhide at her disposal at all times.  We are most definitely curbing this habit. 

Her genius moment

Crying for a new rawhide, Kypros decided to use reasoning and logic tonight to explain to Zoë why a new rawhide wasn't necessary.  There was my husband, seeking out all rawhides in our family room. While arranging them on the floor (in order of size folks!), he carefully explained to our very observant Blue that because of the vast number of 'hides, a new one was not necessary.  He patted her head and sat down. 

Here it comes everyone....what did Zoë do? 

She looked at Kypros, looked at all her rawhides side-by-side on the floor, went over to her toy basket, rifled around and TA-DA!!  grabbed another chewy bone and carried it over to the pile of bones, dropping it to the pile!!  Incredible - seriously folks - she made the association almost immediately.  There are many toddlers that wouldn't make that association as quickly.  Proud with herself, she grabbed the chewy bone and sat down for a well-earned chew.

All of us BSP lovin' folk are holding our heads up a little higher tonight. Not only are they beautiful, silly and goofy, they are without a doubt, incredibly intelligent!!  Cheers to our Blues everyone!

BPS Triple Threat: Beauty, Brains and Sense of Humour

Welcome Dax!!!!

We are excited to announce that there's a new Blue in Kim, Pat and Terry's life.  Everyone, please welcome Dax to this BPS family!

Kim explained that the new addition is named Dax (named after a city in France).  After a little bit of research, I've learned that Dax, is a very old, small commune in south-western France.  Famous for it's spas, it was founded by the Romans under the name, Civitas Aquensium  - it's reputation was further strengthened when visited by Julia, the daughter of the First Emperor of Rome, Octavian AugustusThere is most definitely a lot of history here.  Quite the handle for a little Blue to live up to!!  But, being a Blue, and with a daddy like Ciron, I'm sure he'll be up to the challenge.

Ciron's only son is now under the guidance of Zoë's handsome daddy, Suede.  Zoë can't wait to visit!!!

A shout-out goes out to Kim, for this perfect picture of Suede and his new charge:

Suede has obviously taught Dax the fine art of posing!!