25 May 2015

Worth a new post for sure!!

Happy 6th Birthday, Zoë!!
Brighthope Nola's New Life: Zoë

I know there havn't been too many posts as of late, but I would be THE worst doggie momma EVER if I didn't get this VIP post out. 

Six years ago we were blessed with Puppy #2 aka "The Puppy with the Black Eye" aka "The Last Puppy".  All those early sleepless nights that come with new puppyhood (Thinking of you Wendy and Tony!!).... but, at then end of the day (or night as the case might be!) its well worth it.  Zoë has matured into a wonderful, beautiful, gentle dog.  She is well loved and well liked by people and other dogs alike.  We have had her in our life since she was around 10 weeks old and can't imagine life without her.  We love you dear girl!!  Happy Birthday!!