25 May 2010

She ain't no puppy no more!!

Once upon a time.....

Wow, what a year!!  When we brought our little Picardy into our home that hot July day, we didn't understand the amazing impact she would have on our lives.  She has grown over the months into a sweet, sweet girl and we are only beginning to see her fantastic personality.  Zoë is a well-liked dog and is a gentle and kind diplomat when meeting and greeting other dogs.

Don't get me wrong.....we have our days, but honestly folks, we adore her to bits and she has been a wonderful addtion to our family.  We thank Vicki at Brighthope Kennels  - she entrusted us with one of her precious pups and we are very grateful.

And so our adventure continues....

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

20 May 2010

Apology to Piper

Dearest Piper,

Zoë would like to apologize for not paying you all the attention you rightly deserved last night.  You have and always will be the Prince of the 'Hood.  But, you have to understand that there is something about the crazy energy of another puppy that our Blue finds hard to resist!

Zoë had so much fun running and wrestling with Mika!  But we all know that a sophisticated gentleman like yourself has little interest (or patience) for a couple of crazy puppies.  You know that Zoë appreciated that you shared your toys(as always) AND your beautiful backyard. 

So, Piper, I hope that you can forgive Zoë, Mika and your mom and dad - they all love you very much!!

17 May 2010

A comment from the Blog Author

Bonjour everyone!

Recently, I have received some unsolicited comments in regards to my blog.  Apparently, not only is it NOT funny, but it isn't even well-written.  Matter-of-fact, my writing skills are less than desirable.  And my prose shows no sign of talent.  Oh, yeah, I forgot, it isn't even newspaper-worthy because sentences don't lead to the reader wanting more.  And... (phew!), the photos are completely uninteresting and if seen by a bus patron, he or she would run screaming from the bus in sheer boredom.

It would be easy taking criticism from a published author, an editor or respected reporter from a National paper or even from a University Professor.  My critic is none of these things in real life - just in their own mind.

Alas and despite these comments, I will continue to blog.  My critic can choose not to read it.  I humbly suggest that my critic stick to playing guitar in department stores. From pointing out weaknesses, comes strength, n'est'ce pas?  

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

--Ernest Hemingway (1898-1961)

16 May 2010

Just one of the boys!

Of all the female pups at the dog park, Zoë is the only one that is accepted by the boys - with one exception...Dimitri.  He always has more 'romantic', caveman-like intents...our Blue lets him know that 'that' will NEVER happen.  She takes care of herself, for sure.

On the weekend, there were two of Zoë's favourite leash-free boys at the dog park: King and Rocky.


King is an  Alaskan Malamute and the same age as Zoë. He is such a fine-tempered boy and great with our Blue.  Like most of Zoë's male buddies, she gets away with complete murder with King.

They will rough-house together for the best part of an hour.  At the end of a play session, they will sit together by one of the picnic tables and watch for birds.  Malamutes aren't known for their 'birding', but I think that King does it because Zoë does.

Rocky (aka "The Rock Star")

This guy is an American Bulldog and is a 90lb goofball. Rocky at full-speed is a sight to be seen and reminiscent of a cartoon character.  Despite the size difference, Zoë and Rocky have a blast wrestling around. Rocky isn't much on chase games, but the big ham loves our little Blue. Rob and Tracy say that Zoë is the only dog that Rocky lets jump on his back.

There probably isn't a dog that gets as dirty as Rocky.  There have been days that people have approached Rob to ask what type of breed he is and then say that they didn't realize that there are grey American Bulldogs.  I guess everyone has an off day...

Zoë is not intimidated by Rocky and his 90 lbs of pure muscle.  She's more than happy to enter into a game of 'stick' with him.  Sometimes, he'll even let her win.

Who said chivalry is dead?

There is one more dog that I should mention:


Whose afraid of the big bad wolf?? Not Zoë!

CJ is a neutered male and is probably one of the most dominant dogs at the park.  He is most definitely way too cool.  Many people believe that he's a coyote or a wolf.  But, he's not. 

Zoë has known CJ since she was 4-months old and he has never been anything but a gentleman with her.  He has always been very accepting of her and treats her with complete respect.

What girl wouldn't want three pefect male protectors?  Our little blue is one lucky girl!!

09 May 2010

Piper: Zoë's Unrequited Love

Q: What do you do when the man you love is almost 10 years older than you and, alas...sigh....you're only 11 months old? 

A: You use your charm and deluge him with attention and kisses, hoping that he'll return your affection.

This is the relationship of Zoë and Piper.  On some days, Piper accepts Zoë's affections.  Other days, well.... he tolerates much less.  Let's just say that he loves to ignore her.  This usually has little or no effect on our little ball of sunshine!  She takes it completely in stride and keeps a positive attitude.

Piper has most definitely brought some 'calmness' to Zoë's life.  Learning by example, she has gotten much better at "fetch" - thanks to her older, wiser Duck-toller buddy.

The funniest part is that when we go for our early morning walk, Zoë remembers where Piper lives and without hesitation, she always heads up Piper's driveway and straight to the front door.  She'll patiently sit at the front door, look in through the glass and wait for Piper to come to the door.  Usually ringing the doorbell isn't necessary.

Secretly, I think Piper likes Zoë more than he lets on.  Isn't that always the way?