26 October 2011

BPS Calendar Update

Christmas is just around the corner and the 2012 Blues of Brighthope Calendar is just about ready!

This high quality stocking stuffer features members of the Brighthope BPS family.  Printed on high quality stock, this full colour gift is sure to please friends and family.  I've actually seen the proof and I was impressed by the quality - the photos look fabulous!!

Stay tuned for pricing and mailing/shipping details.  Buy in bulk and save!!!

16 October 2011

No one's at the beach!

This was going to be the final posting featuring 'June showcasing one of the favourite activities of the BPS: water romps!  A big thanks to Erika for these incredible photos!  Because I have so many great shots..... this will be the *second* last look at summertime (and June):

15 October 2011

Summer is over, but here comes June!

I haven't been on the blog as much as I'd like, as we're preparing for a BIG move!  Kypros and I are both super excited about the move - especially since we'll be relocating to the country!!  Our new address is much less 'urban', so we're looking forward to quiet, starry nights, more trail walks and a nice big pool!!  (and yes, Kim... perhaps a small agility course!!)

Anyways more on that in future posts, but let's continue with some absolutely wonderful shots of June.  In my last post, June was just a wee pup, now, she's grown and, well, like our two Blues, love trail walks, socializing and .... water!

07 October 2011

BPS Calendar Update

The contest is long over, photos have been received and selected!!  The 2012 BPS calendar will be hot off the press on October 16, 2011.  I'll be relaying further detail as they become available.  This calendar will be a great stocking stuffer - perfect for family, friends and of course, yourself!!!

04 October 2011

Those photogenic Blues.......

Greetings all!

I've had a few enquiries about the availability of the 2012 BPS Calendar.  Rest assured, I'm doing my best to find out when this fabulous stocking stuffer will be available.  As soon as I know, I'll be sure to post all the details.

So, without further adieu....here's the latest installment of Coullah's fabulous sister, June.  By the way, if you would like your Brighthope BPS featured on the Blog, just let me know!  Zoë and Coullah will enjoy the company!!

Is there a more photogenic breed??

June.... in June (2010)

The BPS puppy LOVES to pose for pictures!!