19 June 2013

Final Picnic Post

I just have so many great shots from the picnic and thought I would share just a few more:


Copper: Look at that beautiful colouring

Freedom in Picardy Park

Zoë and Dax

Beautiful Brie

All the Blues love Picardy Park!

Dax strikes a pose

That's another picnic wrapped up.  A big tail wagging thanks to Brighthope Kennels for hosting yet another great event!  There are few breeders that care so much about their dogs.  

Hope to see you again in 2014!

12 June 2013

Arine...The puppy sitter???

It wasn't that long ago that Arine was a baby herself, but now, she's a beautiful young Blue... all mature and grown up... but that that doesn't mean that she can't revisit her puppyhood..... and what better reason to kick back than the Annual Picardy picnic?     

Ready to pounce!
Dax (right) wanders over to check out the fun

There's nothing like a good, relaxing head massage!

Taking a breather

Arine show off her aerial moves

Oooh... Scary puppy face!! What big teeth you have!!

"No really, your scary face actually was scary!!"

"Thanks for the playtime, Arine!! You're the best puppy sitter EVER!!!"


05 June 2013

All in the Family

Here's a series of group shots from the Picnic!  (Next year, ya'll need to get closer together!!!)

 Next post:  Arine the Puppysitter

02 June 2013

Picnic Time... and Zoë's Birthday Celebration!!

Our Zoë, the "Original Z" turned 4 on May 23, 2013.  She got a Birthday Biscuit and a new rope toy, but the road trip to Brighthope Kennels yesterday was the big gift. 

I thought I'd start this post with a few pictures of baby Zoë.  She was the cutest thing - we forget how tiny she actually was back then:

Look at that face!!
Zoë and me

Who's been diggin' in the garden?

Goodnight Little Zoë

Arine and Dax enjoy some pool time
Shake it, Arine!!!

Arine takes an après swim stick break

Copper (Suede's son for those interested in lineage)

Happy Birthday Zoë!!  We love you!!

.......Stay tuned for more picnic fun!!