26 December 2014

Season's Greetings

Unfortunately, there were no opportunities in our area to take the girls for a photo with Santa... so, I made an attempt.  As like previous years, I've had *limited* success.  The girls didn't feel like cooperating this year either.  But, it wouldn't be Christmas without a Blue Christmas photo, would it?? 

From our family to yours...
  Merry Christmas and
a very happy New Year

Coullah gets festive!!

Zoë and "Christmoose"
Coullah and her Christmas cow

15 December 2014


You still haven't ordered your calendar??
Get yours today!!


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11 December 2014

Still looking for that perfect gift??

You've been searching through the malls... braving the parking lots... the crowds.. trolling the internet... but still haven't found that special little stocking stuffer.  Perhaps you're beginning to think that....

... you've been barking up the wrong tree?

We have the solution!!  Why not order a copy or two of the 2015 Blue Picardy Calendar??  Sure to please friends and family.  

Individual calendars are priced at just $13.00 (for Canadian orders) and $15.00 (for US orders).

**Please email us if you would like to order over 5 calendars.  A discounted rate will be applied.

Order now to ensure Christmas delivery!


For all Canadian Orders: Please send me:

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25 November 2014

Black Friday Shopping??

How 'bout a Blue Calendar???

See yesterdays Blog post for all the details!!  Order now for the holidays....

24 November 2014

It's Calendar time!! Congratulations to our Covergirl!

The 2015 Blue Picardy Spaniel Calendar is here!!  This 11"x16" calendar is spiral-bound and printed in full color.  We kept the standard calendar format for the 2015 edition.  Both US and CDN holidays are included.

This year, our cover is "Lola", a resident of California.  Lynda, thank you so much for the beautiful photos!  Once again, we received quite a few submissions from all corners of Canada and the USA.   To everyone that submitted a photo, "Thank you".  Without all of you, our little calendar wouldn't be possible.  We included as many photos as we could.

Thanks again to our friends at Canada Post and USPS as we have had to increase our prices slightly from last year to handle our mailing/shipping costs.  

Individual calendars are priced at just $13.00 (for Canadian orders) and $15.00 (for US orders).

**Please email us if you would like to order over 5 calendars.  A discounted rate will be applied.

Order now to ensure Christmas delivery!


For all Canadian Orders: Please send me:

For all US or International Orders: Please send me:


23 October 2014

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

This is not a usual blog post, but it is a necessary one....

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24 of Hamilton was gunned down yesterday while on honorary guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.  Nathan leaves behind a young son and his dogs.  Witness reports state that the gunman raised his arms in triumph when Cpl. Cirillo fell. 

Solider, son, father, animal rescuer... Rest in Peace, Cpl. Cirillo

22 October 2014

It's Construction Season

Leave it to us to undertake a large reno just a couple months before Christmas!  Although we are excited about the end product... a brand new kitchen!!... living through the noise, plastic, dust and overall complete chaos will be challenging.  Afterall, we know what's in store when its done.  But what about Zoë and Coullah... how are they handling all of this activity?

Coullah hates it - plain and simple.  She stays clear of the construction crew and avoids the area completely.  Zoë on the other hand, wants to meet and greet the guys,  investigate the new space and offer a helpful comment or two during discussions.  Always with that perpetual grin!  She is the project manager of this job and often stays close to the construction site in case she is needed. 

Coullah prefers to peak at the activity from afar...


13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Zoë, Dax, Suede and Coullah want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving weekend

22 September 2014

Show us your Blues!!!

It's that time of year again when the Blue Picardy Club of Canada requests photo submissions for our 2015 Calendar!!  Last year's calendar was an astounding success - we had so many wonderful photos to choose from all over the world.

Email photos to zoeandcoullah@gmail.com or bluepicardy1@gmail.com (the higher the resolution the better, please!!). 

Stay tuned for all details - as always, our 2015 Calendar will be available in time to make a great stocking stuffer!


04 August 2014

Better late than never...Polo for Heart and Horses and Hounds.. oh my!!

Summer 2014.  Wow!  Time has just flown by.  I can't believe that we're already into August... where did June and July go?!?!?  All this to say that I have been extremely bad with my Blog posts.  I am sooo far behind with them - and this one is a great example.  My most humble apologies!  I may have said this before, but I will try to post more frequently going forward.  So, on with my post!

Polo for Heart:  June 20-22, 2014

This year, I spent one beautiful June day with my dear friend Kim Ratigan.  Kim was an invited artist at Polo for Heart this year and I volunteered to help out for a day on the 'Artist Walk' area of this beautiful and prestigious fundraising event.  
Horses + Summer + Equestrian Art = 1 Beautiful Day!

... and we can't forget the 'Hounds'!!! (after all, this is a Dog Blog!)


01 July 2014

Happy Canada Day!!

Its Canada Day at Rogers Centre!  Always a fun way to spend the day - the Boys of Summer did us proud, beating the Milwaukee Brewers 4-1.  Thanks Jays!!!!

We also got 'bucket hats' at the game today......


23 June 2014

Sweet Birthday wishes

I am going to be completely honest here and say that I forgot that today is Coullah's birthday...  I need to send out a BIG thank you to Erika and June for the reminder.  Happy Birthday, June!!! xo

Baby Coullah

In honour of Coullah's big day, I have to take a couple of minutes to talk about how absolutely wonderful this dog is.  She is my Heart Dog - a dog that comes along once in a lifetime.  I love both Zoë and Coullah equally... but different.  There is something about Coullah... a 'je ne sais quoi'...  She has captured my heart and my soul .  When she cuddles up to me on the sofa and puts her head on my lap, looks up at me with those beautiful amber eyes, quietly sighs and falls to sleep, I still see the sweet little puppy she once was. I am proud of her and so, so happy that I get to share my life with her.

Happy 4th Birthday Coullah


15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day!!

To our human Daddy.........

..... and our fur daddies!!!


Happy Father's Day!!

We love you,

Wags and kisses always,

Zoë and Coullah

25 May 2014

Happy Birthday, Zoë!!!

It's hard to believe that Zoë turns 5 today.  It seems like yesterday that we picked her up from Brighthope - our "puppy with the black eye", "Puppy Number Two".  Our little tiny puppy, asleep in the back of our SUV.  Zoë was very car sick when she was small and to this day, she isn't a big fan of a car ride.   She was a very mischievous puppy who loved bothering her cat brother, Gus.  She always had a very large, bright white tip on her tail that would draw a lot of attention from people and other dogs - from a distance it looked like a bandage.  She was a restless sleeper and still is - except now, she snores!

Over the years, Zoë has grown in to a beautiful, soulful dog.  She still has her black eye and she has grown into her white-tipped tail - for a Blue, it is a very beautiful, full feathered tail.  Our breeder, Vicki has always referred to it as a "Hollywood Tail"!  There are many things that have not changed - she is still very stubborn, loves a game of chase, buries bones in the backyard, sleeps on her back and hates thunderstorms and fireworks.  Zoë is not the cuddliest of dogs, but when she chooses to, there is nothing better.  She is a very happy dog and loves meeting new people and new dog friends.  Is she obedient? Not really.  Does she do tons of tricks?  Nope.  We have to say, seeing her sitting under her favourite tree, relaxing in the shade, nose in the air.... she is a beautiful, beautiful dog. 

Happy Birthday Zoë!!!  We love you!!


01 May 2014

Two dogs = Three times the work

.... that's what our vet said when we told him we were getting Coullah.  That was over three years ago.  We can honestly say that Spring is the worst time for three times the work! 

I'm not a big fan of Spring. Spring means rain and rain means MUD.  Of course, Zoë and Coullah love rain - it brings out all the fresh critter smells. Yay!!  'Round the wood piles, in the pine needles, under the bushes.....  Both show up at the door soaked and muddy - especially Coullah.  What a hunter!  She regularly resembles an ATV that has been off-roading all day.  Routinely, we take one look at her, wrap her in towels and carry her to the tub for a bath.  Three rinses and a light shampoo and she's our beautiful little Blue again.

Zoë LOVES baths.  She also loves having the blow dryer treatment - she always has.  Coullah, on the other hand, TOLERATES baths.  She hates the blow dryer, so she gets towel-dried only.

Does your Blue like bath time?   I've recently heard about 'Gracie' in Vancouver.  Her humans, Scott and Leslie state that anytime a bath is run, Grace gets all excited.  She loves to watch the tub fill up  and loves bothering the bather while they try to relax. 

Sounds like a True Blue to me!!!

You caught me!!

Can someone hand me my shower cap?


A big thank you to Scott and Leslie (and Wendy!) for sharing!  If you have a funny, quirky Blue at home, please share your True Blue moment with us at zoeandcoullah@gmail.com


20 April 2014

Happy Easter

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or ask the birds of the air, and they will tell you. Speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea tell you. Every one of these knows that the hand of the Lord has done this. The life of every creature and the breath of all people are in God’s hand.”  --Job 12:7-10

... from our home to yours... Happy Easter Everyone!!

08 April 2014

Long time, no post!!

It seems like years since I've had time to do a post!!  I have so many pictures and stories to share and will do so.  But most important, a big thank you to everyone is due!!

Our 2014 Blue Picardy Calendar was an incredible success this year!  We never dreamed that when we decided to do our little calendar, it would reach so many people!  

With the proceeds from the 2014 calendar, we will continue to provide our yearly contribution to the Brighthope Blue Picardy Picnic.  Our intent is clearly not to become millionaires off the calendar - but that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone out there.  We are also exploring other options where we can contribute our proceeds here and there.

As I'm sure you realize, most of our proceeds go to the creation of the calendars.   For next year we are exploring ways to enhance the calendars - thicker paper stock, different bindings, different size - but still keep shipping/mailing costs affordable.   This has been the largest challenge we face.

As for photos, its never to early to send us your photos for the 2015 edition!  Please remember try to stay away from phone photos - they are very difficult to enlarge for print purposes as the resolution is not the same quality as that from an actual camera. 

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  If you have any ideas for improvement for the 2015 calendar, please send comments to zoeandcoullah@gmail.com.


24 February 2014

Never to be forgotton.....

In Memory of Briar
(January 26, 2013 - February 19, 2014)

Dearest Wendy, Tony and Quinn,

...Some days, you'll see him in the clouds.  You'll hear him in a warm summer breeze and in the hush of a snowy winter night.  He knows that you loved him as much as he loved you.

      I will not forget you.  I have carved you on the palm of my hand.
                                                                                                     Isaiah 49:15


28 January 2014

Brighthope Picnic date announced!!!

Hi all,

By the time you dig yourself out of all this snow, it'll be time for the 2014 Brighthope Blue Picardy Picnic!!

Our gracious hosts, Vicki and Dave Duncan have announced that this year the big event will be held on Saturday, June 7th, 2014.

For the humans, its a great day in the country to catch up with friends and acquaintances.  For the Blues...lets just think...

....wide open fenced spaces for long runs,  the famous wooded Picardy Park for investigation, trolling for dropped picnic goodies...  of course they all have a great time!!

Please hold the date!!! We would love to see you!!   And, hey, even if you don't have a Blue.. but are considering adding one to your family, this is a great opportunity to meet 20 or so, meet Vicki and Dave and host your own Q & A session with all the Blue families there!!


01 January 2014

Happy New Year!

What a memorable New Years Eve!  We planned a great meal last night - cedar blank salmon with tarragon and butter, Israeli couscous and an incredible Caesar salad.... but nature didn't cooperate and off went our power - AGAIN!!!!!  Out came the generator and the candles.  It was incredibly cold last night too.  We ended up going for crappy take-out pizza!  Yum!!!  The power was out from 4:30 until 11PM - came on briefly and was out until 2:00am. I think  we were out hauling wood for our fireplace when the classic ball dropped in Times Square.  Fantastic! 

But that's so last year.  On this 1st day of 2014, we sit (with power) watching two Winter Classics:

Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs....Go Leafs!!!!

Our Snow Dog: Zoë