25 June 2012

The faces of Coullah

Coullah.  Always so serious  - those piercing, amber eyes.  We joke that she never 'smiles' for the camera  - there are a couple of rare 'smiley' shots, but nothing like the tongue-wagging Zoë. 

As a little tribute to her 2nd birthday, I thought I'd share some recent photos of our youngest Blue - who definitely can mug for the camera:


Portrait, please! 

Bird?? Where??

Pretty girl
The Blue that swallowed the canary???

Stay tuned for the next post:  The 2012 Picardy Picnic!!!

03 June 2012

Countdown to the Picardy Picnic!

Thanks to everyone for your RSVPs to the 2012 Blue Picardy Club of Canada's 'Picardy Picnic'.  We have close to 50 Brighthope families and about 30 Blues attending this year!!    For those interested in the breed, you're more than welcome to attend as well - where else would you get the change to meet some great people and Blues of all ages?

The 2012 picnic is bound to be great - make new friends, reconnect with others!  The BBQ will begin at noon - burgers, hotdogs and salads.  We're hoping to get the grill going on time, so please time your arrival appropriately.

Please remember to bring lawn chairs, sunscreen and anything else that will make your day at Brighthope complete.

Any questions??  Please contact zoeandcoullah@gmail.com

"See you at the picnic!!"

02 June 2012

Happy Birthday Zoë!!!

On May 25, our sweet Zoë turned 3 years old.  How time flies!  A true blue 'thanks' to our friend Vicki Duncan for letting us drive away with one of Nola's precious pups!!

Our wonderful Zoë