07 October 2017

Okay, so its been a while....

.. its been quite a while, actually.  So long that seasons have changed.. and changed again...

I am now officially, the worst blogger!  I have so many Blog posts and updates to do, but first things first.

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada and how can I let this occasion go by without 'giving thanks' for all I hold near and dear - my wonderful husband, my very handsome son and my three fur children: Zoë, Coullah and Finn.  

(...so hard to write something touching when the men in your life blast the Leaf Game on the big screen and you can't even really think.... just part of the current soundtrack of my life!!)  Anyways all, I managed to capture all Blues - without leashes with Kypros the other day.  I'm always thankful for the leash free shot!!)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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